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Failure To Communicate

Remove a gang from a held territory in Prison Architect or Prison Warden mode

Failure To Communicate0
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Start up the map Iron Fort in Prison Warden mode. I chose County difficulty. You need to specifically enable the Prison Gangs setting (this makes the difficulty "custom").

This map has a mirrored layout so you can do this either on the right or left side but at the far edge there is a small self contained area with some cells, a shower, cleaning, common room, yard, laundry, canteen and kitchen. Assign these rooms as SuperMax sectors by going into Prison Running > Security Sectors.

External image

Now increase your intake of prisoners in Reports > Intake, take in as many medium and maximum security prisoners as you can for a few days. Keep tabs on the menu Prison Running > Prison Gangs to see how many of the prisoners that come in are gang members. Minimum security prisoners have a much much lower chance of yielding gang members than maximum security prisoners do so don't bother with them.

Once you have several prisoners from the same gang in your prison assign them to the SuperMax security level by pressing cn_X on them to bring up their menu and go to Security. I had 5 members of the same gang on Day 4.

Now change the regime for SuperMax so they spend all day in the yard, they should take over the yard once there are five of them in there. If your gang members are stuck in solitary or lockdown just disable all punishments in the Reports > Policy screen. Press cn_X to evict the gang from the area. Send in riot guards from the Emergencies menu to take back the yard from the gang members.

Thanks to Larvi for the basic strategy they posted as a comment to another solution.

This map is also offers opportunities for the rioting achievement as it seems large-scale riots occur often on it. I had 50+ prisoner riots twice before day 7.

Prison Architect: Xbox One EditionSpare The RodThe Spare The Rod achievement in Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition worth 34 pointsStopped a riot of 50 or more prisoners in Prison Architect or Prison Warden mode
Aco2148117I would like to add that it's easier to build up a gang of five members if you assign them to super max as they arrive. That way they don't get involved in the riots that might occur elsewhere in the prison. Also saving right before the intake arrival let me retry if I didn't get any gang members that intake.
Posted by Aco2148117 on 27 Mar 20 at 15:41
cptvictor12I setup the max security zone like in the screenshot and set their regime entirely to yard, but the prisoners never go to the yard for me. I even unlocked their doors to make sure they weren't being blocked and still nothing. They just sit in their cells until they get pissed off and start attacking stuff. Anybody else have this issue?
Posted by cptvictor12 on 28 Apr at 21:55
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