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Score 1,500,000 points

The score won 1,500,000 points.

Score 1,500,000 points0
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20 Jul 2017 25 Jul 2017
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Change the game settings to lower the difficulty to 1 and give yourself however many lives you think you may need. Just remember that you will have to run out of lives in order to record your score for another achievement. 30 to 50 should be plenty.

Maybe somebody can verify if your score resets if you use a continue. I didn't try. If that's the case, then you can just run with the default lives and continue however many times you need.

Confirmed by Eifel Reaper in the comments that continuing resets your score. He also suggested milking bosses for points by slowly chipping away at them rather than burning them out with bombs so you don't run into a situation where you complete the game without reaching 1.5 million.

I hit 1,500,000 somewhere in level 7 and had died about 20 times. But I did this after Caravan and High Score modes so I had the first few levels pretty well figured out.
Eifel ReaperI can confirm that resets/continues sets the score to 0 so you should just give yourselves 99 lives...

What maybe important to note is not to quick kill the bosses! I always just died and bombed them more or less istantly, but if you do so you miss the chance to kill all the smaller enemies they spawn. This led to my highscore beeing 1,492,300 after beating the game... that really sucks cause you have to play it all over again...
Posted by Eifel Reaper on 22 Jul 17 at 10:01
VixyNyanThe trick is to always shoot walls, ceilings and ground as much as possible, and not only enemies. Because each time you hit any object with a hitbox or collision you'll gain ton of score. That also includes enemies and bosses that have shields or other protective shells surrounding them.
Posted by VixyNyan on 04 Aug 17 at 08:07
neeker75I got to 2 million points, died, recorded the score, but the Record Score achievement doesn't unlock. Anyone can share how to get that one unlocked?
Posted by neeker75 on 13 Aug 17 at 11:06
SashamorningJust play with 99 lives. I started with 50 and died at 1.35 mill.
Posted by Sashamorning on 19 Mar 19 at 03:11
Hexa FoxYou should have mentioned that lives are different from credits. I got well over one million points then lost all my lives and confused them with credits.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 23 Mar 19 at 23:30
KillersquirelzI absolutely agree with Sashamorning to just play with 99 lives. I died like crazy starting at level 3 and wouldn't have made it to 1.5 million with just 40-50
Posted by Killersquirelz on 27 Mar 19 at 09:15
GerbasgamerYeah definitely get 99 lives.
I hit 1.5 million just before the final boss (the game has 8 levels btw.) and had only a bit over 20 lives left when I finished the game.

If you're at ~1.2 million at the end of the 7th level, you will very likely make it.
Use bombs often, but not necessarily to kill the level bosses. Try to aim for the non-weak points to rack up points. Also each time you die and pick up the power ups again you get a few thousand points.
Posted by Gerbasgamer on 28 Mar 19 at 20:55
FoogaAs usual our esteemed community over exaggerated the difficulty of this one. laugh I got the achievement in less than 10 lives thanks to your guide. Luckily I enjoyed the game so instead of killing myself 92 times in a row I just beat it to save my score.

Thanks for the help on another 1000! wave
Posted by Fooga on 29 Mar 19 at 10:11
Bobblehead Joe@Fooga, why you gotta be a dick and make fun of people who find this hard? Just because you can do it with 10 lives doesn't mean everyone can.
Posted by Bobblehead Joe on 30 Mar 19 at 22:19
FoogaUh, what? It was a joke, and my comment wasn't directed at anyone. Relax.
Posted by Fooga on 31 Mar 19 at 02:38
Mullet For MenLol I call bullshit that you got to 1.5 mil with 8 lives, considering everyone else here says to get 99 lives.
Posted by Mullet For Men on 31 Mar 19 at 11:55
FoogaI had 92 lives when I got the achievement. Think it was around level 4 or 5? It’s not like I beat the game in 8 lives. But I was merely mentioning it passively, wasn’t trying to brag or anything.

I don’t really have anything to prove to you lol. Why would I lie about something like that? laugh Jeez.
Posted by Fooga on 31 Mar 19 at 18:41
troyoyI believe you. With the above settings this game is easy as shit. I have never played this game at all and still have 88 lives left after hitting 1.5M. But I am pretty good at R-Type type games and this is very similar. What makes this easy or the trick is to get your guns built up and not die. When your guns suck you cant blast the shit out of everyone then you die a lot more often.
Posted by troyoy on 31 Jul at 19:25