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Adventuring Time

Discover 17 biomes.

Adventuring Time-0.9
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26 Jul 2017 14 Dec 2017
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Create new world, select 'generate random', leave the seed selection box blank but click the arrow next to it. This will then give you 18 different Biomes to select and load up. I worked through all of these and the achievement popped. Not a huge Mine craft player so maybe an update has made this easier since the last solution?

fighterx93chipp has confirmed that this also works for the android version.
Strykerz911Sucks that this solution is not the top solution. This works great!
Posted by Strykerz911 on 14 Sep 17 at 11:40
Posted by GHOSTLYSHINOBI on 14 Sep 17 at 12:17
Strykerz911Wanted to add - there are more than 17 existing biomes in Minecraft. As a result, I got the achievement within 20 minutes of loading the first 4 preset worlds and running around for a bit.
Posted by Strykerz911 on 14 Sep 17 at 12:18
PanteralAmazing !Ty !
Posted by Panteral on 04 Nov 17 at 22:37
fighterx93chippWorked on android!! Thanks!
Posted by fighterx93chipp on 14 Dec 17 at 05:47
GHOSTLYSHINOBIThanks fighterx93chipp, I will add this to the solution.
Posted by GHOSTLYSHINOBI on 14 Dec 17 at 09:41