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Worked together with Tina to make a particularly spooky basket.

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02 Aug 2017
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After getting "Skeletina" achievement and finishing every story aspect in the Biomedical module, take a skull in your hand and go with it into the main hub to a place where you got "From Downtown" achievement.
Just throw a skull in a basketball hoop in any way you like and just watch holographic sequence in this area.
FembotJust to add, you don't need to aim the skull, just put it near the hoop and press A to dunk.
Posted by Fembot on 02 Aug 17 at 08:54
JohnnyRiverYep, you right. That's, actually, exactly what I did but decided to call it "throw it any way you like" in solution:D
Posted by JohnnyRiver on 02 Aug 17 at 08:56
Sol76And what if , for some strange reason, the skull flies somewhere when you want to grab your book and is nowhere to be seen?
Just replay this until this point i guess
Posted by Sol76 on 07 Mar 19 at 17:08
Larvi1@Sol76 - The same thing happened to me and the skull was back in the medical storage where I found it initially.
Posted by Larvi1 on 23 May 19 at 05:52
IrvinmanTook the skull after Skeletina achievement then picked the book up and the skull disappeared. Anyone else have this issue? Cant find it anywhere and even checked the storage room where you find it but nothing.
Posted by Irvinman on 12 Jul 19 at 16:50
Bastian ReaderMake sure to drop the skull before picking up the book otherwise it might glitch out and cause you to start over. Not fun
Posted by Bastian Reader on 21 Jul 19 at 01:08
SniffinRailsThis pissed me off
Posted by SniffinRails on 18 Aug 19 at 04:18
MikeL DD3F sakes. Skull is gone for me too. That's some bullshit.
Posted by MikeL DD3 on 25 Feb at 02:32
XerostomiaThe Skull glitched for me. Before giving up all hope, I went back to the locker where you first get it, and it was back there. Whew......I would have been a little pissed if it I had to repeat everything.
Posted by Xerostomia on 02 May at 17:43