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Restored the Obsolescence Day sign.

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02 Aug 2017
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This can be done as soon as you gonna enter Personnel module.
Go to Administration Wing and you'll see "Happy Obsolescence Day, Tacoma Crew" written on a wall with yellow letters behind the big table.

To get an achievement you gonna need to find all missing letters for this sign in this area.
There are "O" and "E" just below the sign on the floor.
Another "O" is in the Lavatory room near the table.
"M" is on the floor of the lower area.

Just collect those letters one by one and attach them to a wall.
BradleyHeatMine seems to be glitched. Fixed the sign and nothing, completed the game went back and it was still fixed but no achievement. Even started a new game and fixed the sign again and nothing. Anyone else having that problem?
Posted by BradleyHeat on 23 May 19 at 16:57
S Mac 1985Yeah I seem to be having that issue too!
Posted by S Mac 1985 on 30 May 19 at 08:45
Leo AscendentWorth noting that the letters lose their stickiness after a certain number of attempts.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 20 Jul 19 at 22:34
Ahh DobyFor anyone thats playing this via Gamepass for PC - If it doesnt pop - It seems that if you Alt-Tab while going for this (I was following the guide) the achievement messes up. Another user also mentioned this might also be the case for the ARdcore achievement to.
Posted by Ahh Doby on 11 May at 14:14
Burke By NatureAn extra step which is missing here, and possibly the cause of you all not getting he achievement is that you also have to right the E that is already on the wall but slanted. Just take it and put it back where it was.
Posted by Burke By Nature on 08 Oct at 08:15