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Master of Unlocking

Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having correctly opened every keycode lock on the Station.

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04 Aug 2017 04 Aug 2017
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There are 9 codes and keys altogether, the last one which is given to you:

Personnel Module
Locker Room:
1. Sareh Hasmadi locker code: 0315
2. Clive Siddiqi locker code: 1407
-Pick up key in locker
Clive's Personal Quarters:
3. Insert key to open drawer under Clive's bed

Conference Room:
4. Administrator's Office door code: 1228

Biomedical Module
5. Irrigation door code: 0281

Exam Facilities:
6. Recent Body Scans console code: 2080
-Pick up key in desk drawer in Medical Office
Medical Storage:
7. Insert key to open Secure Medical Storage

Engineering Module:
Mechanical Engineering:
Drone Bay:
8. Door at back of room code: 0809

Network Technology (door initially locked until you go into or through Mechanical Engineering):
Open door on upper level:
9. Code given to you: 0451 (reference to famous code in Deus Ex)

Achievement will pop after the credits.
Foxy Chicken0451 is a Fahrenheit 451 reference, a way game designers reference freedom of speech and free thought. Fun fact, almost 100% of the time (100% for Dishonored franchise) Arkane makes that the first combination to their safes.
Posted by Foxy Chicken on 01 Nov 17 at 02:06
DigitalAtlasDid everything. Including unlocking. Missed 4 achievement unlocks. Very upsetting.
Posted by DigitalAtlas on 09 Apr 18 at 03:02
DJ DEXTAHey shadowjak88, the exact same thing happened to me today too. I just selected "continue" from the main menu and just repeated the credit sequence at end game and all the achievements unlocked for me. Try it.
Posted by DJ DEXTA on 09 Apr 18 at 20:01
HawkeyeBarry20Thank you DJ DEXTA, same thing happened to me so I came here and read your comment, should be added to the solution.
Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 20 May 18 at 04:16
Dragonborn GearThis was actually the only achievement that didn't unlock after the first completion of the credits. I just hit continue, finished the game again, and bloop. This achievement unlocked. Weird... but I have seen this sort of anomaly happen before.
Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 03 Jun 18 at 02:46
G Smith007achievement not unlocking for me and ive done it multiple times. One of the doors, i think its in engineering was already open as i came in through the back way and it automatically opened the door ? has anybody else done this and if so, do i need to reply the entire game again to unlock the door. Really annoying if I do, as it shouldnt make you if the game let me open the door from the other way
Posted by G Smith007 on 11 Jan 19 at 20:57
NuttySandman123I lost the key to clives drawer and have no idea where it is
Posted by NuttySandman123 on 06 Jul 19 at 16:13
ShepeleThanks, you save me a lot of time
Posted by Shepele on 15 Jul 19 at 15:12
rumandcokeslurpI also lost a key...I may come back and restart the game at some point...but probably not
Posted by rumandcokeslurp on 03 Aug 19 at 01:16
Reaboi lost clives key too... not sure how!
Posted by Reabo on 02 Oct 19 at 17:27
svenmx1I lost Clives key too. Where to find it?
Posted by svenmx1 on 29 Dec 19 at 09:30
GuillermoMunozI lost the keys from the locker room, went back to check it was on the floor by the door. Probably Pressed A at the door making drop the key, then Pressed A again to actually open the door.
Posted by GuillermoMunoz on 30 Apr at 06:02
HiddenMotiveGuys go check by Sarah’s locker on the floor. I spent a while searching and found i had dropped it there on the floor!
Posted by HiddenMotive on 06 May at 15:22
Sarda DakaalYou can miss this achievement if you forget to open the door at the back of the room code in the engineering module before finishing the game :(
Posted by Sarda Dakaal on 22 May at 19:55
RiBoPAlso picked up key and not realizing that I could drop the key. Took me a while before finding it on the floor in the fitness area.
Posted by RiBoP on 18 Jul at 07:35
ALoneWolf42I’m looking at the list & I’m pretty sure I unlocked everything.. I guess I’ll need to start over & use the guide just to make sure I don’t miss any.
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 19 Oct at 02:42
SWANSONx87You may have unlocked Drone Bay from coming behind the door. This messes it up so you cant use the code.
Posted by SWANSONx87 on 19 Oct at 20:53
ALoneWolf42@SWANSONx87: Okay, I will be careful there.

I've redone the first 7 keys and now I'm thinking I missed #6 Recent Body Scans, the first time. Whoops!
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 20 Oct at 14:35
ChettlarYeah I had to go back and grab a couple achievements including the wedding ring one. I naturally had done all these so I wasn't sure why it didn't unlock when I checked through a video guide. Just playing again to unlock the wedding ring one also unlocked this one. Weird that I had to do that but glad it worked.
Posted by Chettlar on 31 Oct at 07:37