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Natural Leader

Lead your team to Victory 20 times in Team Leader with at least 6 players present.

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01 Sep 2010 18 Jun 2011
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If you are boosting this achievement with friends it should take 20 seconds per win if you follow this guide.

Make a player match on Killhouse, with how many people your boosting with and all set to private slots.

All people equip a sniper perferably a PSG1, the side that will be getting killed run up the stairs and position themselves where the opposite leader can shoot them getting the win, if the people that get killed and the leader that is getting the win also run up as fast as possible you can make it go even faster, each win should be 20 seconds including loading times but if your playing and keeping attention it can be quicker.

Hope This Guide Helps You.

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Nihilist MikeThis solution is a little difficult to understand. -1 for lack of grammar. Try using periods and commas. Your one paragraph is one of the worst run-on sentences I've ever seen.
Posted by Nihilist Mike on 04 Apr 11 at 17:40
QuarantaneI misread this to say 20 minutes...I thought "That's a really long time"

like 5 and a half hours
Posted by Quarantane on 17 Oct 11 at 01:47