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Multi Head Collector

Accomplish 300 headshots in any Multiplayer Game Mode

Multi Head Collector0
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01 Sep 2010
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Personally, I found a straight line map easier for some achievements, particularly , this one. Create a strip of land, all one level. Place all eight required spawn points in a row, close together. The place a few sniper rifles some distance away. The guy going for the points grabs a rifle, zooms in and starts capping heads. You never need to zoom out, only slide a bit to get more ammo. The target dummy(s) just keep popping into the reticule. Approx one kill every 4 sec with one partner.. so just over 20 min to 300 headshots (plus 2 lobby waits).
Wallless Furyhaving problems boosting this :-(
Posted by Wallless Fury on 15 Jul 12 at 23:13
BootlessScottycan this be done with a 2nd controller?
Posted by BootlessScotty on 19 Sep 12 at 15:44
RamdeltI would note that I was able to get the other kill types using the host/guest glitch, however this one had to be obtained legit.
Posted by Ramdelt on 23 Sep 18 at 21:49
xFr u StankerI can’t invite my friends to boost this achievement.
Posted by xFr u Stanker on 25 Jun 20 at 14:07