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Guardian Angel

Save 10,000 Survivors in successful missions

Guardian Angel+5.5
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14 Aug 2017
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Survivors can be found in many places, including on top of vehicles being attacked, in their shelter, and at the bottom of a completed survivor relay. Survivor radars can help locate them as well. The best way to get multiple in a mission is to play Save the Survivors, a timed mission to save at least 6 survivors, or Evacuate the Shelter, an intense fort build and defense mission that rewards 10 saved survivors upon success.
thepack1221Is it safe to assume this is group based? Meaning if someone on your team saves a survivor it counts? Ik that's the case for the challenge missions that require saving survivors.
Posted by thepack1221 on 01 Sep 17 at 21:49
Guide is terrible, we all know how to get survivors, what we don't know and need to know is....does it count if team gets them, and is the survivor achievement tied to the survivor count you save ingame or the amount you get when you are rewarded.
Posted on 15 Sep 17 at 10:24
thepack1221The guide isn’t terrible. Truth is, there’s no way for anybody to know because there’s no tracker. I do believe any survivors saved by the team counts because in any mission(whether it’s story or daily) that requires saving survivors, it counts those saved by teammates.
Posted by thepack1221 on 22 Sep 17 at 19:15
Tenshi3I reckon you would have to do at least 770 survivor rescue missions, that number being brought down slightly by any of the other missions where you can also rescue a few a long the way. Surprised we haven't seen anyone unlock this yet!
Posted by Tenshi3 on 28 Sep 17 at 14:59
SatNiteEduardoI intended going full bore for it but the events have distracted me.
Posted by SatNiteEduardo on 09 Oct 17 at 06:02
OnsidicCounterInsurgent - i think it might be tied to the resource "People" which means how ever many photos.
What id like to know is if you are at the 1000 max... does anything over actually track?
Posted by Onsidic on 14 Nov 17 at 21:20
APOPHIS1989You get more people resources than the survivors you save. Having a full stack of people will not impede progress.
Posted by APOPHIS1989 on 15 Nov 17 at 15:19
OnsidicMay want to add this into your solution

additional info : will track your stats - some people can find there stats, others cant - it says it isnt linked to EPIC site; so dont know how it tracks
Items tracked.
Zones explored
Survivors saved
Play with others
Structures built
Mist monsters killed
Posted by Onsidic on 20 Nov 17 at 23:28
ZenososBest way is get this naturally I just play the story and do the missions each day, not all achievements are easy, sometimes games need achievements like this as long as they update the game enough to keep us hooked. Also u have challenges in which each rank u have to save more and u get free v-bucks so I suppose thts the closet we will get to tracking this one
Posted by Zenosos on 26 Apr 18 at 12:32