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Become a Superhero

Complete "Hero Training - Stage 2"

Become a Superhero0
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15 Aug 2017 15 Aug 2017
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Side quest after stage one, requires you to evolve a hero. First, level them to ten using hero XP, then unlock the evolution skill on the skill tree for the type of hero you leveled. Finally, go in like you are going to level them and click evolve. This will require more that just XP, like manuals and drops of rain.
NeoSm0keI unlocked this yesterday, after completing the second to last mission on the 9th page of Stoneshield. I allready had the Evolution skill unlocked for my character (Ninja chick) and I allready evolved it at that point. Only it unlocked shortly after completing this mission where you had these requirements:

- Collect 4 Audio Records
- Complete 2 missions in a +15 zone

I could be confused with the Medical records one. It's the second to last mission on the 9th page of stonewood. Can't be missed but maybe the objectives vary a bit.
Posted by NeoSm0ke on 27 Sep 17 at 16:22
TagstThere is no skill tree anymore, cant find what to do
Posted by Tagst on 19 May 19 at 07:23