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The Pit Boss

Gain Rank 5 in any affiliation

The Pit Boss-0.9
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18 Aug 2017 11 Sep 2017
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There are 4 afiliations with 5 ranks each. Each rank consists of 50 levels. Each rank takes the same exact amount of XP to progress through, meaning it takes exactly the same amount of XP to go from level 10 to level 60, and from level 61 to level 110.
You can join the first afiliation of your chosing as early as level 10.

Achievement requirement:
To reach rank 5 in any afiliation you need to reach level 60 and rank up, then to level 110 and rank up again, and repeat the process of leveling up and ranking up, until you finally hit level 210 .
Please note that the above explanation only applies if you have chosen one affiliation once you hit level 10, and go through with that same affiliation all the way to level 210 without changing to a different affiliation. (thanks to AP E JC for his contribution in the comments!)

In order to rank up, you must do it manually. To do this, after hitting the cap level for your current rank, you need to go to "Persona", "Affliiation", and hit "X" to rank up.

Leveling up enables you to rank up. You gain XP by just playing, but there are ways you can speed up the process.

Leveling up:
To level up faster my suggestion is to play casual head to head tournaments, preferably the 100 chip table. Going all in pretty much in every hand awards you a quite decent amount of XP which will help you level up. You may want to consider to just call/check if you are dealt something like a 2-5 off to increase your odds, and snap raising all-in when you are dealt any 9 or higher, but that's just my suggestion.

Table item boosts, hourly events and daily events:
You can combine this strategy with a table item boost. Table items are less expensive on thursdays, when they are 25% off. You can buy as many as you want on thursdays and use them whenever. Also take a look at the hourly events in which smoke and drink items double your "BONUS XP". (Bonus XP is applied to the boost received from your table item, for example if you apply a +10% table item boost, you will see a +20% when hourly events are running).

Regarding table items, it's worth mentioning that you can use as many times as you want the "REFILL TABLE" action, in which you will refill the table item for the whole table at the cost of a certain amount of chips, rewarding you instantly with some XP.
Chips spent will be immediately deducted from your bankroll.
Both chips spent and XP gained while using this method are calculated based on how many players have received your gift, EDIT: only chips spent will be always calculated based on the amount of players to a fixed amount of chips per player, while the XP granted will vary widely up to 25k XP per refill, as reported in the comments.
To perform this action, you need to hold RT, and press Y.
(thanks to RVM and Dad Is A Zombie for your contribution in the comments and also for providing a video! )

Also be sure to check the daily events which award +50% "BASE XP". This extra base XP is applied to your every action in the game when you meet the criteria to receive said XP, and is automaticaly added up to your XP as it is awarded. For example if you perform an action that would normaly net you 100 xp on a regular day, you will be receiving 150 xp on the day you are eligible and participating of a daily event.

You'll want to focus your effort and time specifically on those days, which are:
-tuesdays --> +50% XP for playing tournaments
-wednesdays --> +50% XP for wearing affiliation outfit
-fridays --> +50% XP for wearing tourist outfit
-sundays --> +50% XP for wearing suit/dress outfit
You can find all of this information in --> Events.

New to prominence are LOOT BOXES:
These boxes contain several bonus items, in which you may also find boosts. You can use boost to multiply all of the XP gained within a period of time. This boost applies to every XP gained, including the daily bonus log in. (thanks to SbN Spacefish for your contribution in the comments!)

XP details for going all in first hand on head to head (range values may change depending on your hand)

While eligible for daily event bonus (+50% base XP)
W/L ------------ [base XP range]
Win ------------ [3.17K - 3.99K]
Lose -------------- [765 - 930]

While eligible for daily event bonus (+50% base XP) AND hourly event is active with 10% table item equiped (doubles to 20%)
W/L ------------ [base XP range] --------- [bonus XP range]
Win ------------ [3.17K - 3.99K] --------- ---[528 - 618]
Lose -------------- [765 - 930] -----------------[127 - 153]

If you have any ideas on how to improve this solution, please leave a comment.
AP E JCYou should note that level 210 is the target for rank 5 only if you didn't play with other affiliations. This can vary a lot with you changed affiliation in the process.
Posted by AP E JC on 20 Aug 17 at 12:59
el tuaya argRight. Added to the solution, thanks!
Posted by el tuaya arg on 20 Aug 17 at 17:27
RVMAlso, I don't know if this is new but if you do a refill table action while you're playing, you will get extra XP. There doesn't seem to be a limit to how many you can do.

Refill table is Right trigger + cn_Y and costs 1,000 chips for the heads up tables.

The range I've noticed is 400 xp all the way up to 10,000 xp per refill. They add up very quickly, I try to always do at least two per match.
Posted by RVM on 22 Aug 17 at 14:32
AP E JCTbm, did you see 10k for the giving rep? The max i got was 4k.

Since you get lots of chips from leveling and loot cases, i tend to do it, every hand
Posted by AP E JC on 22 Aug 17 at 14:49

I've gotten 10k twice out of all the times I've done it. 4k seems slightly easier to get but still rare. Most common I get 400, 800, or 2k xp each time.
Posted by RVM on 23 Aug 17 at 12:04
el tuaya argThanks for sharing your ideas and helping others!

As far as I can tell, the refill table action costs a certain fixed amount of chips according to the number of players sitting at a table. And the XP awarded is also calculated based on the number of players to whom you refilled their table item.

You could certainly spend all of your chips on this method and get a chunk of XP in return, but I'd rather always buy a table item for myself, and get the XP by playing normally.

Remember that you will need your chips to do many things in the game, from entering high risk tables, playing high entrance fee tournaments,, and why not also accumulate millions of chips with the hope that some day the "Billionaire" is changed to holding a realistic and achievable amount of chips in bankroll at one time.
Posted by el tuaya arg on 23 Aug 17 at 19:51
VaseraxRefilling the table is HUGE! I can confirm a 25,000 Rep reward is possible! If you're at this level of the game, chips are no object so gift away. The benefits far exceed the risk.
Posted by Vaserax on 29 Aug 17 at 00:19
el tuaya argThanks for sharing your ideas and improving the solution! Your contributions has been added
Posted by el tuaya arg on 02 Sep 17 at 04:46
SbN SpacefishThe new loot cases allow for a boost of the exp gained. I got the boost item (which is a 100% boost on base exp) for 1 or 3 days quite frequently. If you only open the loot boxes when your boost has run out you should be able to always grind with the boost on, if you grind for at least an hour or so a couple hours on a boost day.

Update: It's taken me much longer to get a single boost item now, which means that you have to play a lot more on a boost day in order to keep the boost up.
Posted by SbN Spacefish on 04 Sep 17 at 14:15
RVMUpdate: here's a video of me getting the 10k bonus which speeds things up significantly. I think I may have been at 160 at this point, so it jumped me up to like 165 or 166 after playing this match. I haven't seen 25k like Zombie has, but I hope I get that at some point!
Posted by RVM on 07 Sep 17 at 19:47
OberindianerThe devs must have changed the amount of rep you get for refilling the table. I only got up to 250 rep recently which is very lame.
I have over 1 million chips and always used this method for levelling up quicker. It seems not to be possible anymore.
Posted by Oberindianer on 24 Oct 17 at 09:43
AP E JCthat's really bad news. Most of my leveling up was based on this.
Posted by AP E JC on 24 Oct 17 at 10:27
Hott TubConfirmed. You get very little for each gift now, usually about 100-250xp per person but I've seen it as low as 300xp for gifting refills to a full table of tournament players.
Posted by Hott Tub on 21 Dec 17 at 16:41