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Online Enforcer

Win 10 Online Versus Games.

Online Enforcer-4.5
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25 Aug 2017 29 Aug 2017
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This can easily be done boosting

CAN be done in PRIVATE matches

CAN NOT be done in local

WINS DO NOT count if other players quit out.

According to Figbender he was able to get 1 win when the other player disconnected from a legit match due to server issues. However, his next legit win after this did not count. I can confirm quitting does not count but if you have wired internet you could try pulling your cable or go offline and that would force a disconnect / potential win for partner, but unlikely more than 1 win from this method.

TRACKABLE via Tracker in-game app.

Fastest done with 1 boosting partner. Create a ALL TRANSPORT Private match by selecting PLAY VERSUS from main menu then using cn_LB & cn_RB until the screen shows ALL TRANSPORT. Then invite your friend to the game. Once they're in, use teamwork to escape one of the 3 random transport levels. Alternate wins. Should take under 2 hours for both players to get the achievement.

This game has connection issues known. If your friend joins into the game on pre-game screen then drops out immediately you will need to RE-CREATE another lobby with the same parameters as they will NOT be able to join that lobby again seemingly it glitches the lobby for them.

At the end of a match, the game AUTOMATICALLY reverts it to a public game type so you will need to back out and RE-CREATE another game after each win.


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FigbenderI am not sure if it was a special case/glitch, but i was in a game with some guys, lost connection and it brought me to the post match screen with just my own avatar there, declared me the winner and my progress went up 10%, I'm not really sure how that happened but I wasn't complaining!
Perhaps it occasionally bugs out beneficially
Posted by Figbender on 26 Aug 17 at 03:19
FigbenderUpdate to the information I gave:
When I boosted with lordfightalot I didn't receive progress for my first victory (prior to which I had only played two games for %20 progress, one legitimate win and the other the disconnect I experienced) which leads me to believe that my multiplayer disconnection progress was bugged somehow, every subsequent victory counted as it normally would.
It also wasn't someone else quitting when we were disconnected, it was a general server error
In short; very buggy, don't rely on server issues to give you permanent progress towards this
Joining lobbies is also a nightmare
Posted by Figbender on 28 Aug 17 at 21:53
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Posted on 28 Dec 19 at 18:32
Dyslexic xCan anyone boost this with me ? Message me on Xbox if you are interested
Posted by Dyslexic x on 10 Jan 20 at 18:47
TheOnlyMattonow that it is on game pass it was great to just beat this against my alt on my second box. thumbs up!
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 25 May 20 at 06:32
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