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A Camp Departure

Escape the K.A.P.O.W Camp prison.

A Camp Departure0
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25 Aug 2017 04 Sep 2017
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This is probably one of the fastest prisons to escape from in the Classic Prison category. There are multiple unique escape methods for each level but I'll outline the 1 I feel is the fastest and easiest for this level. It only requires a few items.

CAN BE DONE in local or online multiplayer.

2nD Player will not get the achievement. I know what you're thinking.... find a person with a save file right before the escape and I can join their game and get the achievement right?!?! WRONG! laugh

NOTE - That if you decide to play / collect the items needed for escape in multiplayer the 2nd player will have to quit out right before the escape as this is a single player escape method.


- Intellect 40+
- x1 Can of Soda (common item found in fellow in-mates' desks
- x1 Mints Roll (only found on guards, beat one up and loot the item)
- x1 Screwdriver (Can be purchased from fellow in-mate or rarely found in desks)
- x3 Paint Cans (Can be found in desks or alternatively can purchase "Makeshift Ladder" from fellow in-mate.


At the far lower left you'll see a room with a motorcycle. Directly above this room is another room that is accessible. You will see a shadow on the ground which indicates there is a vent above you. You will take the x3 Paint Cans and combine them to get a MakeShift Ladder or you can alternatively purchase one from a fellow inmate. Place the Makeshift Ladder with it selected in inventory and pressing cn_X so that it is below the vent. Climb on top of ladder and use Screwdriver to open vent. Go through vent to the south and unscrew the vent there. Combine the Mints with the Soda to get Makeshift Rocket Booster. Jump down into the motorcycle room and select the Makeshift Rocket Booster in inventory using cn_LB & cn_RB and then add it to the rocket with cn_A

Be careful when you are in the Vent because the game can and WILL glitch on you if you drop a vent piece inside the vent shaft. The glitch will prevent you from doing anything / pressing any buttons except dropping items. If this happens, quickly drop all your items in the vent and you'll be forced to wait until lockdown and eventually a dog will come up to kill you! You'll then wind up in solitary after a medic gets you and you'll have to reaquire a screwdriver to get back in the vent, but the makeshift ladder and all items left in vent should still be there for you!
Har MiggidoAnother good guide thank you sir. I did manage to find mints in a drawer so beating up a guard isn't necessary but probably the quickest way of obtaining them.
Posted by Har Miggido on 27 Nov 19 at 12:49