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Escape the U.S.S Anomaly prison.

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25 Aug 2017 04 Sep 2017
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This is prisons is pretty easy to escape from in the Classic Prison category. There are multiple unique escape methods for each level but I'll outline the 1 I feel is the fastest and easiest for this level. It requires a bunch of items but isn't too challenging to obtain them or time consuming.

CAN BE DONE in local or online multiplayer.

2nD Player will not get the achievement. I know what you're thinking.... find a person with a save file right before the escape and I can join their game and get the achievement right?!?! WRONG! laugh

NOTE - That if you decide to play / collect the items needed for escape in multiplayer the 2nd player will have to quit out right before the escape as this is a single player escape method.


- Intellect 60
- Jet Pack
- Guard Uniform*
- X1 Talcum Powder (Common Item found in Desks)
- X1 Toothpaste (Common Item found in Desks)
- X1 Lighter (Common Item found in Desks)
- X1 Plastic Item (Comb or Toothbrush

*Guard Uniforms are either:
1. Lootable from Guards Body
2. Craftable by combining Infirmary Clothes with Ink, Infirmary Clothes are in turn craftable by combining Inmate Clothes with Bleach


The 1 items will be crafting for our escape from these listed is:
1. Plastic Red Key

Start off by accumulating all the uncommon and common items and increasing your stats especially making sure to get the Intellect up to 60. Once you've done that Combine x1 Talcum Powder with x1 Toothpaste to get x1 Wad of Putty. Combine x1 Lighter with x1 Plastic Item to get Melted Plastic. This IS a contraband item so be sure to hide them in your desk hiding spot with cn_X

Now we've got the Wad of Putty and Melted Plastic done. Find a guard uniform by either method and store it in your hiding spot of your desk again. Lose all your heat including stars by following the rules until they're gone. Now time to escape! Equip your Guard Uniform and have in your inventory the Plastic Red Key. Make sure not to go through any Contraband Metal Detectors and head to the right of your Cell Blocks to the Contraband Room. This is marked on your map with the STAR symbol and has two guards in it. Use your Plastic Red Key to get in while your uniform is on! Grab the desk and the JetPack inside it! Now head to the far left of your cell block to the chest looking symbol on the map WARDEN'S OFFICE. Be sure to avoid any contraband metal detectors again on the way. Once you use the Plastic Red Key again on the lower left of the screen drop it next to the door so that the upcoming dogs don't smell ya! Now walk past the dogs and the guard and head into the Warden's Office. Press the button on the wall with the JetPack equipped and you've ESCAPED!!!!
InSeCuReHunterHave fount out you can save the game on multiplayer by changing the save settings it should give you the option
Posted by InSeCuReHunter on 12 Apr 20 at 15:19
thanatos8285I'm not sure it's necessary to drop the key, I did that and the contraband alarm still went off, I assume due to the jetpack. I was still able to run to the button and finish the level so it was fine, I'm just not sure it would have made much of a difference if I had the key.
Posted by thanatos8285 on 08 Jan at 21:51