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Renewable Energy

Smelt wood trunks using charcoal to make more charcoal.

Renewable Energy0
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27 Aug 2017 22 May 2019
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Make a furnace using 8 stone. Then place wood in the top slot (NOT wood planks). Then use any wood or coal to make charcoal. Once you have a piece of charcoal then smelt another wood (not planks) using that charcoal and boom achievement.

Update May2019: It seems a lot of people are having issues with this achievement now. For some of you make sure you are actually playing the correct version of Minecraft associated with this achievement since there are multiple Minecrafts on Xbox One. Also thanks to xPut Name Herex who discovered the furnace needs to be brand new, meaning the first thing made with it must be smelting wood with charcoal. So you will need a separate furnace to make the first piece of charcoal.
KulphrixAny idea why it wouldn't be working for me? Does it have to be a furnace I built maybe?
Posted by Kulphrix on 23 Apr 18 at 15:48
BdawginatorThe top of the furnace needs to be wood LOGS. That is the biggest trick. Then just use anything in the bottom to make the logs into charcoal. If you made charcoal and the achievement didn't unlock it might just be delayed. Which version of the game are you playing? @Kulphrix
Posted by Bdawginator on 27 Apr 18 at 03:58
NoHeroes94As of 18/2/19, its currently unobtainable on Xbox and Switch versions.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 18 Feb 19 at 14:44
YAT0Yea unobtainable for me too as at 19/2/19
Posted by YAT0 on 19 Feb 19 at 23:57
LoeweFlosse779Same with me. Tried Everything since two weeks.
Posted by LoeweFlosse779 on 20 Feb 19 at 07:33
omgeezusUnlocked for me on Xbox One 03/20/2019
Posted by omgeezus on 21 Mar 19 at 01:32
xPut Name HerexNot unlocking for me. Weird.
Posted by xPut Name Herex on 22 Mar 19 at 04:18
iMaginaryyIt may have to be a furnace you built, I did it on a furnace already there and it didn't pop and then built a furnace and did it again and it did pop. Could be coincidence though.
Posted by iMaginaryy on 22 Mar 19 at 20:18
xPut Name HerexI had done that (made a new world even), and it didn't pop. Just tried again today in that world, and I did pop it; I guess that you can't have used anything other than charcoal as fuel ever in the furnace? I made charcoal from wood burning wood in one furnace, and then put charcoal in as wood and didn't unlock (even after burning several pieces of wood with multiple pieces of charcoal). But then I decided to make a second furnace, placed the charcoal as fuel in that, and burned some wood to get it to unlock.
Posted by xPut Name Herex on 23 Mar 19 at 02:29
ShepeleNot Unlocking 17/07/2019
Posted by Shepele on 17 Apr 19 at 16:58
II TreyN IIAfter numerous failed attempts over the past several months, following the directions posted by xPut Name Herex has finally unlocked this and the "Super Fuel" achievement for me. Same method for "Super Fuel": new unused furnace, power by lava only and nothing else prior, smelt cobblestone (or whatever), achievement unlocks after removing the bucket and whatever smelted.
Posted by II TreyN II on 28 Apr 19 at 07:00
Myckel JayThank you for adding that it has to be a new furnace. I tried this like 4 times and got frustrated, so I came here and that tip seemed to do the trick for me. What an odd bug.
Posted by Myckel Jay on 23 Jun 19 at 02:01
SubtleEel4Confirmed - You have to build a new furnace, put in charcoal, burn it to convert the log to charcoal - I let it convert 4. When I took the 4, it popped.
Posted by SubtleEel4 on 27 Jul 19 at 03:40
TheUnknown285I tried the new furnace thing and couldn't get it to work. However, I saw another video by Static Buzz, which pointed out something important:

If you use another type of fuel (like coal) to make the first piece of charcoal, remember to let the fire burn out before making the second piece of charcoal. Otherwise, you're still using the heat from the other source to make charcoal, and that won't count.
Posted by TheUnknown285 on 09 Oct 19 at 12:35
TinCannEdYou DO NOT need to build a new Furnace. You just need s Cold Furnace & before you put the made Charcoal into the furnace, make sue it is completely burned out. WOrked for me Jan 2020.
Posted by TinCannEd on 20 Jan at 04:57
MachairaVerified that it doesn't need to be a new furnace - Jan 2020
Posted by Machaira on 21 Jan at 22:04
ChooseMyFateDefinitely doesn't need to be a new furnace. I picked up current furnace and placed it again to make sure it didn't have any fuel left in it. Used wood trunk on Top and Bottom. Then used newly made Charcoal on bottom and Trunk on top.
Posted by ChooseMyFate on 09 Jun at 13:47
R1O7 GHO5Tjust did on June 15 2020 tried multiple times with old furnace and it wouldn't work... popped first try with a new furnace :)
Posted by R1O7 GHO5T on 16 Jun at 02:20
R1O7 GHO5Tjust did on June 15 2020 tried multiple times with old furnace and it wouldn't work... popped first try with a new furnace :)
Posted by R1O7 GHO5T on 16 Jun at 02:28
BostonsmafiaxPut Name Herex is the only method that was successful for me. +1 for including his solution in the edited version.
Posted by Bostonsmafia on 19 Jun at 19:56
Leo Deo NeoIf anyone is needing help with any achievements for minecraft, I’ve created a world specifically for achievements, few free to message me what one you need help with and I’ll gladly help when I can.

GT: Leo Deo Neo
Posted by Leo Deo Neo on 04 Aug at 19:17