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Complete "I'm Probably Dead"

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02 Sep 2017
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This is story-related so it can't be missed, but since achievements are not flagged yet, I thought I'd post this guide to help anyone who might need help knowing what each achievement is. Also, this is a hard quest, so some tips might be useful.

The achievement pops after you complete the quest called "I'm probably dead" in Plankerton. This is a new type of quest, and to successfully complete it you have to defend four servers from a large wave of enemies. It has to be done in a 40+ area.

When you start the mission, RAY will tell you to locate the crashing site, which is by a large V-Tech building (where the servers are). If you go into the crashing site (where the purple smoke is), RAY will tell you that there are some servers that are still in good shape and that you need to find them. You find the servers by walking to them. As soon as you find the 4th server, a 5-minute countdown will start to let you build defenses around the servers. Once those 5 minutes are gone, the large wave of husks will attack... and viciously at that.

Note that there are 4 servers that you have to defend, but you only need one of them to still have at least a little bit of health by the end of the mission.

A few tips:

1) Don't go straight into the crashing site. Find the 4 servers first and build a very strong base to defend them before having RAY tell you to go find the servers. This way, you have all the time you need to build your base as strong as you want.

2) It's probably best to focus only on the 2 servers on the upper level to defend, since they are closer together and you can build fortifications around both as one large unit. The two servers on the lower level are farther apart from each other, which makes defending them as well more difficult. If you focus only on the 2 on the top floor, it's easier for all players to support each other, especially when the smashers spawn. I wouldn't focus on just one server because all enemies would attack that one at the same time, and it might be harder to protect it.

3) You should probably attempt this as a 4-player team, all preferrably at a 30+ power level

4) Go into this mission with a full inventory, especially metal, and farm as necessary as you build your base.

So in a nutshell:
- Have a full inventory & gather a 4-player team, then load up the quest
- Build your defenses based on your preferred strategy
- Go to the crashing site
- "Find" the 4 servers
- Keep building or farm resources during the 5-minute countdown
- Fight!

The achievement pops at the rewards screen, as usual.
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xX F0RD MAN XxIt can be done alone but is very difficult. Lots of traps and make sure you have an rpg. Best to get all the upgrades also. Heath, shield, movement, and building.
Posted by xX F0RD MAN Xx on 27 Dec 19 at 17:30
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