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As a squad or solo, complete a Tower IV Exterminate with only headshots

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Mr AToMiiKMr AToMiiK423,622
02 Sep 2017 02 Sep 2017
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After getting this to pop about 10 minutes ago I thought I'd write an updated solution as I didn't not feel it was clear on other solutions with out going through the comments and kinda figured it out myself by accident

void missions had another change and as such this can be achieved MUCH easier now using essentially the same method outlined above with a slight difference and from what I could tell is almost foolproof

For clarification you still need 2 players and the host still does not pop the achievement so will need to be done at least twice for both if both players need it

We did this on Oxomoco in the Void on the branch from Neptune which is a level 30-35 mission

Once in the game you do he following
- Host gets the first headshot kill
- 2nd player then kills the rest
- Once Lotus tells you extraction is available the 2nd player (not host) goes to dashboard and quits the game
- Load the game back up and it will prompt you to rejoin your previous squad
- After rejoining the 2nd player gets a headshot kill and you can then extract
The achievement should pop on the rewards screen

It no longer matters about be careful to leave the last enemy alive
Exterminate missions now continue to spawn enemies past the required number of kills for completion until you extract
This allows the 2nd player unlimited attempts to kill an enemy with a headshot rather than having to do an entirely new run