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The Revolution is Coming

Play all "In the Name of the Tsar" operations

The Revolution is Coming0
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06 Sep 2017 06 Sep 2017 06 Sep 2017
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There are two operations you will need to play in order to unlock this achievement. You do not have to win the operation in order for it to unlock.

Red Tide
Brusilov Offensive

*You must complete the match.
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The SCHWARTZ 00 Thanks, was looking for this.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 06 Sep 17 at 03:01
AHGreg I searched for the 64 player lobby and found a game easily, not sure if that helps or not.
Posted by AHGreg on 06 Sep 17 at 16:43
WayzoftheRaven @Dylan XBA, could be hard finding a match for a little while as this was paired with Destiny 2 release.
Posted by WayzoftheRaven on 06 Sep 17 at 16:59
IRISH PATRIOT x Just FYI you don't have to play the whole match. I joined Red Tide right at the end of the game and my achievement still unlocked.
Posted by IRISH PATRIOT x on 06 Sep 17 at 20:13
Isaac P2YCH0 I can't find any Operation game, is anyone willing to help me join Operation servers? Add me plz
Posted by Isaac P2YCH0 on 07 Sep 17 at 04:45
Brooklyn Gin Oceania is dead. It sucks that you can't switch to a bigger playerbase region for Operations. Simple achievement I'm unlikely to unlock.
Posted by Brooklyn Gin on 08 Sep 17 at 10:33
Number1marksman I live in New Zealand and I've been persistently trying several times over the last few days but no luck on finding a match. Any help would be much appreciated
Posted by Number1marksman on 08 Sep 17 at 11:57
Brooklyn Gin Yeah, I'm New Zealand based. Operations here has nearly always being dead whatever map pack. Hopefully later on down the track they open it up to others and get some population going...
Posted by Brooklyn Gin on 09 Sep 17 at 01:44
AHGreg ^That is strange, sometimes when that happens to me in other games it unlocks a few days later.
Posted by AHGreg on 10 Sep 17 at 15:29
Firstmate Fizz In my experience the 64 player servers are always more populated than the 40.
Posted by Firstmate Fizz on 10 Sep 17 at 15:57
Apache117X AUS player. Can't get a game and can't join a US game or a browse the current games. BF1 has been pushing these operations hard and yet they die out because no one can find a match... sort it out DICE.
Posted by Apache117X on 11 Sep 17 at 11:34
Z Squared91 I'm looking at the achievement now after completing both operations and it says 100% with an locked symbol....anyone know why it's not unlocking?

EDIT: It popped when I booted up the game again after leaving for a bit. Also, I had other achievements not unlock right away too. I checked out the game hub and the second I scrolled over the "Achievements" tab, they popped.
Posted by Z Squared91 on 11 Sep 17 at 11:39
MuddyAmoeba For AUS/NZ (or any low population servers) would changing the console region fool the servers into thinking your in a different region, or is it IP based?
Posted by MuddyAmoeba on 20 Sep 17 at 10:29
Brooklyn Gin I managed to get this by jumping into the game of one of my us based friends. lag was terrible and was killed repeatedly but I got the achievement.
Posted by Brooklyn Gin on 23 Sep 17 at 00:50
RobCougar I just played both twice , quit and restarted game and it still won't give it to me. Maybe it will pop tomorrow? Hate playing for about 3 hours straight and not getting it.
Posted by RobCougar on 26 Sep 17 at 02:45
Spork Salad Seeing as there are no servers in Oceania, if there is a kind soul from any other server who can invite me to a game so I can get this last achievement, that'd be very much appreciated!!!
GT: Spork Salad
Posted by Spork Salad on 05 Oct 17 at 11:17
ChickenBalls NZ Me and My bro got this yesterday, the two of us are also NZ based! What we did was we went into conquest games on the "In the name of the Tsar" maps and immediately quit. we then went into an empty operations server together and began messaging our resent players, asking if they wanted to start a server. About half an hour later we had the 20 people needed to start a game! I hope this can help a few people (Oceania based people specifically) who are struggling to find games! Just go on the maps in a different game mode, leave, go into an operation and start messaging your resent players. Hopefully a few will accept. It can also help by asking players who join if they can also ask their recent players, or maybe some friends!
Posted by ChickenBalls NZ on 08 Oct 17 at 13:08
AussieBigfoot After almost 1 year, Operations are finally in the server browser!!!

Also, both of these operations have their own Codex, allowing you to check which one(s) you still need.
Posted by AussieBigfoot on 13 Oct 17 at 23:25
After almost 1 year, Operations are finally in the server browser!!!
I concur with AussieBigFoot. Went onto server browser, opened up my filter, allowed all regions and selected operations as the game mode. Then, I jumped into a operations game of 'Brusilov' and then hopped on over into a operations of 'Revolution' - Ping! I lost both rounds after 5 minutes of playing an already half-way completed match and the achievement still popped up.

Hope this helps!
Posted by RagingMonkiee on 21 Oct 17 at 03:18
GHAUS24 i see "brusilov keep", but i dont see one called "revolution"
Posted by GHAUS24 on 21 Oct 17 at 03:32
MIK813 Looking to get this knocked out hard to find full servers if anyone out there
Posted by MIK813 on 08 Oct 18 at 14:27
M66 For whom confused with browse server;
Brusilov Offensiveare in Galicia and Brusilov Keep
Red Tide are in Volga River and Tsaritsyn
where the later is the final portion to get them fast.
Posted by M66 on 12 Nov 18 at 00:29
Runs So I just went back to this game to do last 3 DLCs, and this is my final achievement.
Is this just not attainable anymore, there is never a match on any of these maps.
I look at map rotation on the hosted Operations and these aren't included?
Posted by Runs on 01 Jan 19 at 19:18
finallife6 ^ The only way to get this by boosting or getting very lucky and finding a 20 person lobby on the DLC maps which is very very rare.
Posted by finallife6 on 24 Jan 19 at 21:46
SmackMySasss Anyone still wanting to get this? These seem really impossible without boosting at this point.
Posted by SmackMySasss on 16 Apr 19 at 06:38
Fr0ZenCaVeMaN Looking to boost this aswell, hit me up as the servers are dead for these maps haha
Posted by Fr0ZenCaVeMaN on 21 Apr 19 at 17:39
StarKiller14061 Thick Sombrita and Fr0ZenCaveMaM looking to Boost aswellwave
Posted by StarKiller14061 on 22 Apr 19 at 19:05
StarKiller14061 Thick Sombrita and Fr0ZenCaveMaM looking to Boost aswellwave
Posted by StarKiller14061 on 22 Apr 19 at 20:13
TromboneGuy360 Add me if anyone wants. I know we need 20 people tho :(

Anyone know if these will be in the map rotation soon?
Posted by TromboneGuy360 on 14 Jun 19 at 11:16
Kalonn looking to boost
Posted by Kalonn on 04 Sep 19 at 01:30
HomelyBumRocket these operations are currently in the DICE server rotation, and will be for the next few weeks it looks like, for anyone who needs them.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 01 Oct 19 at 00:35
Phoenix Sabe Still only averaging 1 person total in any TSAR server. Awful.
Posted by Phoenix Sabe on 24 Oct 19 at 15:16
Gabwe Can you do this by yourself by renting a server and disabling pre-game deployment, the same way as some suggested for the "Secured the Resources" achievement?
Posted by Gabwe on 13 Nov 19 at 16:35
Atros Atrocitus Made a session. Join so we can knock it out and be done with it.
Posted by Atros Atrocitus on 15 Jan at 03:05
Phoenix Sabe For anyone still wanting this achievement, Dice just updated the active Operation to this DLC. Managed to get it last night. Get in there now though as it'll only be active for another 13 days.
Posted by Phoenix Sabe on 18 Feb at 07:24