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#Forzathon Thoroughbred

Perform 20 Threading the Needle Skills in a Ferrari to receive 200,000 CR

22 Sep 2017 until 27 Sep 2017

#Forzathon Thoroughbred
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Threading the needle skill is near miss from both sides at once (or in a short delay). For that i reccommend going to the long straight street in the city and just drive up and down in the middle of the road until you unlock it. If you crash and loose your skillchain the skills you got still count. PS for this Forzathon pick a Ferrari when you do it.

Here is my video about the skill (add a Ferrari) -

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BuckShotzNYC you have a yellow problem hahaha negative clap
Posted by BuckShotzNYC on 23 Sep 17 at 07:56
daqqer2k Fixed in newer videos. Sorry about that.
Posted by daqqer2k on 23 Sep 17 at 08:05
J Pinder Could have been a text solution, especially since you put unreadable text IN the video.
Posted by J Pinder on 24 Sep 17 at 00:14
daqqer2k OK, i added text also.
Posted by daqqer2k on 25 Sep 17 at 06:31