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There are 23 Destiny 2 achievements (13 without DLC) worth 1,907 (1,240)

121,090 tracked gamers have this game, 7,542 have completed it (6.23%)

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Complete Shaxx's Call to Arms.

  • Unlocked by 81,400 tracked gamers (67% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 121,090  
341,483 (186,805)
Achievement won on 08 Sep 17
TA Score for this game: 1,736
Posted on 08 September 17 at 05:39, Edited on 01 October 18 at 16:33
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(Edit 10/1/18) I have had some people tell me that this achievement is giving them some troubles in regard to unlocking. TrueTophies states that the third milestone has been completely removed from some players as of right now due to the release of forsaken. This would not be surprising as the trials of the nine achievement is also unobtainable as of right now. I don’t play the game as much anymore, so please leave in the comments if it becomes obtainable again in the future, which it should be.

You get this quest as soon as you reach the farm, one of the new social spaces, and talk to Shax. Access to the farm, happens pretty quickly into the game. There are three parts to the quest: (1) complete 2 matches in the quick playlist, (2), complete 2 matches in the Competitive playlist, and (3) earn glory by participating in the crucible. This last step is what I want to get into. You can do this in both quick playlist and competitive, but I would recommend quick playlist as it is easier going. You will notice that the step is connected with a percentage. Through my calculations, getting two kills (assists count) will net you 1% and completing a crucible match will net you an extra 2%. To give you an example, this is what my first game looked like

Opponents Defeated: 24 kills/assists plus the match completion=14% (That is 24 divided by 2 is 12% plus the extra 2% giving me all in all 14% for the first match. This took me around 2 hours of playtime, but it all comes down to how you are in crucible.

After reaching 100% on that step, return to the farm and talk to shax to complete the quest. (If the achievement doesn't unlock, just go to settings and hit change profile and sign back in. Once you reach orbit, the achievement will unlock). One thing to keep in mind with this achievement is that with the weekly reset that occurs in destiny 2, all the weekly milestones will reset. This quest is one of those milestones, so if you are at 77% progress and you don't finish it before weekly reset, the progress will reset for the week. So heads up, try to get this done in a week's time.

Edit 1: It seems that some people are having a hard time with having the achievement pop. The guide says exactly what to do for the quest and what to do in case it doesn't pop. I don't know if it is a glitch, so it may be an issue on xbox's end, but the solution is correct. (A way that could help for those having issues with the achievement popping is trying a crucible match or two after you have turned in the quest to perhaps trigger the unlock.)

Edit 2: With a recent update to the game, this achievement is now much easier to obtain. I have not tested out the exact precentage of kills, etc.. but you will be able to finish this in much less time than as before.
Skills Krauser I did exactly how you explained, but the achievement itself didn't pop up! The last step was to talk to Lord Shaxx in order to complete the quest. I did talk to him and still nothing popped up! :( I hate when it happens
Posted by Skills Krauser on 09 Sep 17 at 01:32
hunterIV Destiny 1 had the same issue with achievements. Go to Settings, Log Out, Change Character. Then log back into your character and it should unlock. Might need to do that a couple times.
Posted by hunterIV on 09 Sep 17 at 03:08
GameGod03 @Skill Krauser do exactly as what TheFourthHunter said und the achievement Willi unlock.
Posted by GameGod03 on 09 Sep 17 at 03:25
sirthomas420 Dont worry, people downvote to downvote. No other reason lol. But if anything change your edit to : Go to settings, log out, and then log back in to the same profile and character. That usually does it.
Posted by sirthomas420 on 11 Sep 17 at 07:42
GameGod03 @sirthomas420 alright man will do thanks.
Posted by GameGod03 on 11 Sep 17 at 07:55
kevaalar Anyone else still not getting this even after logging out or is it just me :(
Posted by kevaalar on 12 Sep 17 at 15:13
GameGod03 @Kevaalar Don't worry there seems to be others that have the same problem. The achievement may be glitched for some
Posted by GameGod03 on 12 Sep 17 at 19:03
FiveWizz I had my progress reset in game? Does anyone know why? I was at 22% for kills after doing both the quickplay and competitive parts. and yesterday it went back to 0%
Posted by FiveWizz on 14 Sep 17 at 12:23
GameGod03 @FiveWizz look a thing my new edit I just put up a song to why you lost progress.
Posted by GameGod03 on 14 Sep 17 at 13:32
FiveWizz Ah Dang. that sucks. Ok cool thanks for the update and the edit. Back to it tonight lol.
Posted by FiveWizz on 14 Sep 17 at 14:12
HNDZ xCerberus Just wanted to confirm that going to Settings>Log Out>Switch Profile solved it for me. I completed the milestone days ago and no chevo, then I tried the fix described in the solution and it worked first try. Thanks to GameGod03 for the info!
Posted by HNDZ xCerberus on 14 Sep 17 at 19:27
FiveWizz I still can't get this to pop. I've hit 100% now and can't see to be able to deliver the quest. I go to shaxx and nothing happens. Have tried logging in and out/switching profile too. Nada.

It is still sitting as 100% in my quest log.
Posted by FiveWizz on 14 Sep 17 at 23:45
Juste Unlocked fine for me. I'm not the worlds best in the Crucible but got this in around 10 matches. If you still can't get it to unlock, try rebooting your Xbox (not just shutting off).
Posted by Juste on 15 Sep 17 at 10:24
FiveWizz Juste did you just go and see Shaxx right after you hit 100% and it just pops? No special convo from Shaxx?

EDit: The reason I don't think it is an xbox issue is because the quest is still in my quest log. I imagine it would disappear if it was registered as complete in-game
Posted by FiveWizz on 15 Sep 17 at 10:38
Kanchanaburi I donèt even have mention of a quest. He did tell me to do 2 compeditive and I did but where do I check my progress. I go to him and he only has the option to increase rep or buy a ghost for 10 shards, no mention of the task.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 17 Sep 17 at 06:46
GameGod03 @Kanchanaburi to check your progress, hold the select button to bring up your map of the destinations, etc... I believe if you then hold RT, all your milestones will pop up in the top right hand corner where you can see progress for this quest.
Posted by GameGod03 on 17 Sep 17 at 14:03
FiveWizz P.s. I got this to pop in the end by playing some more quick play PvP. Mid match it told me the milestone was updated even though I was already at 100%. For some reason it needed an extra push. Then I went down to Shaxx to speak to him and the achievement plopped. Give that a go for anyone that's stuck. And remember to try it before the week is up and your 100% is reset ;)
Posted by FiveWizz on 17 Sep 17 at 15:17
ShodanPT I completed the crucible part (100%), but forgot to speak to Shaxx before the weekly reset it, did I just "lose" the rewards/achievement?

Edit: just checked DIM and got a weapon and armor in my character that weren't there before, I haven't logged in to the game after the reset happened, so you get the rewards even if you don't do the final "talk to npc" part
Posted by ShodanPT on 19 Sep 17 at 15:42
brumladbfp Yeah, I am having the same issue so your not alone. update - it is now working for me.
Posted by brumladbfp on 20 Sep 17 at 09:02
Outpost I'm having issues with this popping for me. I've done it twice now, still nothing.
Posted by Outpost on 26 Sep 17 at 17:44
MPWheely Done this and nothing!!
Posted by MPWheely on 26 Sep 17 at 21:04
GameGod03 @MPWheely and @Outpost Try playing another crucible match to force the milestone notification to pop if it hasn't. Thats the only fix that I can think of besides that that has already been stated.
Posted by GameGod03 on 26 Sep 17 at 21:59
BroadCalf856524 Milestone updated. Everything in game seems right but achievement hasn’t popped.
Posted by BroadCalf856524 on 30 Sep 17 at 03:36
BroadCalf856524 It wasn’t popping, so I went to log out and hit switch profile. Then I signed back in to my character and it popped. Hope that works for everyone else having this problem.
Posted by BroadCalf856524 on 30 Sep 17 at 03:55
Ereaser NL They made the milestone easier to complete, only had to play 5 matches and after 4 (winning 2 and losing 2) I was at 90%
Posted by Ereaser NL on 01 Oct 17 at 22:11
Evc It took me 6 matches to finish, went to Shaxx and nothing. The switch profile trick worked for me.
Posted by Evc on 17 Oct 17 at 23:43
fighterx93chipp I believe it’s approx 14% per match no matter what...
Posted by fighterx93chipp on 31 Dec 17 at 11:09
Squirrelmanity couldn't get the achievement to pop, but your suggestion of going Settings > Switch Profile and then relogging in worked perfectly. Thanks headspin
Posted by Squirrelmanity on 12 Apr 18 at 06:22
Fr3nzy94 I cannot seem to get this one to pop. Did the milestone for two quick playlist matches and then the milestone for two competitive matches, but then there was no milestone for earning glory? I have gone back to Shaxx who has said I have completed what he asks, however without the third milestone the achievement will not pop. I have started with another character, done two quick play and two competitive and again, no third milestone! Any suggestions?? I am now valor rank heroic for the quick playlist, but no matter how many times I log out and back in, switching character, speaking to Shaxx, nothing seems to happen. cry
Posted by Fr3nzy94 on 07 Sep 18 at 03:29
Vlados95 MCK Same thing here, launched the game and started playing only a week ago. When I reached the farm he gave only these 2 tasks and no 3 task at all. After completing the second part he gave me rare thing as a reward and that was it. He isn’t giving me any tasks or milestone at all nearly for a week already. Have no idea how to unlock this one
Posted by Vlados95 MCK on 19 Sep 18 at 06:30
ChickenBalls NZ I'm having the same problem a Fr3nzy94 and Vlados95. I went and saw one of the solutions on this at PlayStation Trophy's and the guy there said that apparently the Forsaken update has removed the 3rd milestone entirely. It should hopefully be brought back in a future update but so far Bungie hasn't said anything about this.
Posted by ChickenBalls NZ on 01 Oct 18 at 09:06
ImiltheWinged I had this one pop randomly from doing the forsaken nightfall. Nky sure if that was the real trigger though.
Posted by ImiltheWinged on 20 Oct 18 at 22:34
MisterSledge Any updates on this? I just bought the game and not happy that I might not be able to complete it angry
Posted by MisterSledge on 21 Jan at 22:28
MisterSledge Any updates on this? I just bought the game and not happy that I might not be able to complete it angry
Posted by MisterSledge on 21 Jan at 23:35
GameGod03 @MisterSledge there have been quite a few people that have been unlocking the achievement according to “recent unlocks”. You should be fine to play and the game and unlock the achievement. The game has always had achievement unlock issues, so if anything, there may be a delay on the unlock.
Posted by GameGod03 on 22 Jan at 00:04
kinoo1 Yeah so I played 3 competitive matches. Lost 2 of them and was at the bottom of the score table in all 3. got back to Shaxx and it popped, so if it's not glitched on you then the requirements must be low.
Posted by kinoo1 on 11 Feb at 21:49
MrProcastinate I poped it as son as I started the game. I like my Cheevos but I would like to work on it to really appreciate it :/
Posted by MrProcastinate on 26 Feb at 23:03