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Wreak havoc in 60-second increments

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06 Feb 2009
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There are 6 things you need to do to get this
1. Blow up 25 gang controlled vehicles in 60 seconds
easiest way to do this is by getting a hit squad to go after you and using rockets and grenades.
2. Kill 15 gang members with your bare hands or thrwon objects in 60 seconds.
easiast way is when you have maxed out strength go do a time trial of any of the Los Muertos boss's.
3. Kill 15 gang members with your gun in 60 seconds
You can do this in any boss location
4. Kill 25 gang members with explosives in 60 seconds
For this one just go to any boss loction and use only your rocket luancher and grenades and you'll get it
5. Use vehicle to run over 10 gang members in 60 seconds
The best way to do this is by holdng reverse and left or right. Do this ina big group of people. The best place for this is the area around Violetta Sanchez, Los Muertos Boss
6. Pop 20 tires on gang controlled vehicles in 60 seconds
What you do is get 5 gang vehicles there doesnt have to be any one in them and line them up and aim at their tires and pop them. I got this one by lining 5 Los Muertos cars in the Sports Complex.
StoodBridgeAlso a good place to run over 10 gang members are when hit squads come after you.
Posted by StoodBridge on 05 Apr 09 at 20:31
Huginho19do you know number 3 which gun do you have to use??
Posted by Huginho19 on 02 Jun 09 at 14:33
P01N7 N CL1CKDoes this have to be at once?
Posted by P01N7 N CL1CK on 13 Jun 09 at 12:35
SpectreSubZeroThe tire achievement can be tricky I found. The vehicles have to have been occupied by a gang member, cars that spawn don't count. Also if you collect a few cars then turn your back, they dissappear due to the cache memory. Although in some instances you may be a able to collect 5 gang controlled cars, most of the time it doesn't work. So what I did was wait till my gang wanted meter sent the hit squads after me, then I just ran around shooting all their tires, got it in my first try!, use the M60 machine gun, so you don't have to reload.
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 24 Jun 09 at 19:16
Flydog92that isnt true spectre subzero, i just lined up 5 random gang cars that werent occupied by gang members because i eliminated that gang and i got the tire one.
Posted by Flydog92 on 27 Aug 13 at 03:03
Ultras500Timbol is the best for tyres because there are around 8 cars parked, was the last one I needed for the achievement so it does work
Posted by Ultras500 on 06 Sep 13 at 19:33
Unknown DoboI had issues with cars despawning. Also I found that gang cars stopped randomly appearing if I was waiting in one place. In the end I went to the den and stole one of the volk trucks. That's 8 tires in one vehicle, I drove it around till I found another 2 of there vehicles ( 1 truck & 1 car in my case) pulled over, killed everyone and went popping.
Rampage complete.
Posted by Unknown Dobo on 26 Jan 15 at 02:04