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Bad Intentions

Knock out 100 inmates.

Bad Intentions-0.4
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Duester x AdamDuester x Adam853,071
13 Sep 2017
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To help me with the remaining progress for this achievement I set up a game of versus on cougar creek railroad with a second controller.

• put both players in the starting cells and knock out the second player

• the medic will arrive and put the second player back in the bed straight after get the second controller up of the bed and knock them out again. That same medic will rush back and just repeat intill the achievement unlockes.

Note : you may run out of energy so just sleep in one of the beds to regain it and you may have one of the guards come after you if he witnesses it but it's not that often.
Bunny BreakfastThis is a very good solution! It was quick with this method. I starting using this method at 43 knockouts, and I think it took about 5 minutes to reach 100! The guards didn't notice me once, and I didn't even have to sleep to regain stamina! (However, I played on Center Perks 2.0, not Cougar Creek Railroad smile)
Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 25 Nov 20 at 22:59
Spring ShieldsThis should be the top solution. Got this in like 10 minutes.
Posted by Spring Shields on 19 Dec 21 at 05:34