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Taking Inventory

Open your inventory.

Taking Inventory0
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Senseless OgreSenseless Ogre314,593
14 Sep 2017 26 Feb 2019
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Follow the steps below and you should be able to unlock this achievement.

1) Acquire an Xbox One console. You can find these in most stores that carry electronics.

2) Plug the console into a 2 prong or 3 prong power outlet. Ensure you have power before so, otherwise you may need to hire an electrician to help you here.

EDIT: Make sure you have a TV or monitor to hook up to via HDMI. This is strongly recommended, but it is possible to unlock without being able to see the screen.

3) Press the right panel of the Xbox One and a cn_guide light should come on. If not go back to step 2.

4) Next ensure your controller has a power source and is synced. The controller can be powered via batteries, charger packs, or mini usb cables. To turn the controller on, hold the cn_guide button. In order to sync the controller to the console, you will need to hold the sync button on the top of the controller as well as the sync button just to the left of the console.

5) Next you will need to hook the console up to the internet. If you don't have high speed internet already, you can get internet installed through many providers such as AT&T, Spectrum, etc. A wireless router is recommended, although you could connect the console to your broadband modem via an Ethernet cable. Follow the prompt on screen using the analog sticks and pressing the cn_A button to confirm your inputs. Ensure the internet connection test is successful. (Note, have your router password ready if you go wireless).

6) Create an Xbox Live user account. Gold Status is highly recommended, although its not required for this achievement.

7) You should now be at the Xbox One Home screen. Scroll to the right using the cn_LSr analog stick and you will find the marketplace store. Scroll up cn_LSu and find the search box. Press cn_A to access the search box.

8) Now enter the title "Minecraft." Don't be confused by other similar titles, as there are many clones. Click buy to continue. You will next need to enter your debit or credit card number. If you don't have one, there are various real world occupations you can do to earn income and obtain one. If you don't have a job its possible your parents could let you use their card if you ask, but this won't guarantee the achievement.

9) Once you have purchased the title, it should start installing automatically. If not, select install using the cn_A button and wait for the game to install. This could take 10-20 minutes. Once finished, launch the game using the cn_guide button when prompted.

10) Once the game is loaded click the "Play" button on the main screen using the cn_A button.

11) Click on "Create New", followed by "Create New World", and finally "Create" with cn_A.

12) The game will now generate your world. Once loaded, press cn_Y and the achievement should pop. If not follow the steps again and repeat until successful.
X8BIT ScorpionXGreat guide, just missing the fact that you need a working Xbox One, I bought a broken one. You also need a working TV, monitor, etc.
Posted by X8BIT ScorpionX on 25 Sep 17 at 09:01
Posted by Baritones101 on 01 Oct 17 at 07:19
Peixe BalaoBest guide ever! Really helpfull! Thanks !! clap
Posted by Peixe Balao on 25 Mar 18 at 16:13
Ksar96LOLlaugh Good one...
Posted by Ksar96 on 18 May 19 at 17:27
Diar322Oh my lord, thank you! I was struggling with this for YEARS! Thanks so much for the guide! I owe you one.
Posted by Diar322 on 27 May 19 at 11:13
Netechmaconfirmed 3/29/20 this works on the xbox one console. Posted on my HP laptop.
Thank you very much Senseless Ogre, I really appreciate the Taking Inventory achievement guide you have written for: Minecraft for: Xbox One.

Thank you once again!!!!11!!!!11!!!!one!!!!11!!
Posted by Netechma on 29 Mar at 22:14
AWR M4SavageInstructions unclear, penis stuck in ventilator
Posted by AWR M4Savage on 07 Apr at 07:26
Yukon CorneliusIf it doesn’t pop, then dig 1 square and it should then pop.😊
Posted by Yukon Cornelius on 22 May at 08:51
GameplatoClear, concise, and strangely inspiring.
Posted by Gameplato on 14 Jun at 20:03
vegansoundWhat is some kind of humour? Hum... Missed.
Starting directly from step 10 was way enough.
No thumb up for me because of this 'joke'...
Posted by vegansound on 29 Jul at 19:45