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Let's Put a Pin in it

Use each type of Voodoo Doll that is found in Chult

Let's Put a Pin in it-0.1
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15 Sep 2017 19 Oct 2017
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10/10/17 - the update today has fixed the chicken doll and this is now working properly.

Short and to the point -

There are 5 voodoo doll types.

* Batiri voodoo doll (did this on a Batiri Darter)
* Dinosaur voodoo doll (did this on a Trained Compy that was with a Batiri Beastmaster)
* Yuan-Ti voodoo doll (did this on a Yuan Ti Swordsman)
* Undead voodoo doll (did this on Skeletal Archers near Camp Vengeance)
* Chicken voodoo doll (this works on any of the monsters listed above)

These dolls can be found in the Chult Treasures that you get when you dig up the buried chests using the new Chult maps.

Map locations thanks to NWO Uncensored can be found here -

Each doll is associated with a mob type that you need to use the doll on. You have to use the batiri doll on a Batiri, etc. One thing to note is that these need to be used on the minion mobs like a Compy, Batiri goblin, etc. Basically the trash mobs that accompany the normal mobs.

You can only get 6 maps per week from the Patrol Quests and may not get the doll you need from a Chult Treasure box, so there is a little luck needed to get the doll you need.

Edit 10/19/17 - According to Ham Salad this may be glitchy while attempting in a group and may not unlock unless you perform all of the dolls solo.
Fuzzmeister JYou might want to add that the maps come from patrol quests.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 16 Sep 17 at 12:53
JAGERMEISTER TXAdded for clarification. Will update further once I get info on the chicken dolls working.
Posted by JAGERMEISTER TX on 16 Sep 17 at 16:26
FxH FinalChicken doll has an already known glitch. It was fixed on PC. A fix will come soon on xbox.
Posted by FxH Final on 19 Sep 17 at 18:42
JAGERMEISTER TXThanks for the update. I assumed that was the case. Hopefully we don't have to wait for an update to be pushed out for the fix, maybe they can just fix it on their end.
Posted by JAGERMEISTER TX on 19 Sep 17 at 18:45
AnxiousAbechickin still wont unlock for me i use
3x :( my mate use all dolls but non update in jurnal :(
Posted by AnxiousAbe on 10 Oct 17 at 19:21
JAGERMEISTER TXYou received the update, right?
Posted by JAGERMEISTER TX on 10 Oct 17 at 20:50
AnxiousAbeyes lol :)
Posted by AnxiousAbe on 10 Oct 17 at 23:47
FxH Finalsame here. the chicken doll can be used, but the achievement will not pop. It's unbelievable that they cannot do a fix as it should be....
Posted by FxH Final on 11 Oct 17 at 06:58
JAGERMEISTER TXStrange. I logged in right after the update pushed and had no problem using the chicken doll on all of the minions. I got a journal entry pop up each time for "use a chicken doll on undead" etc. Maybe try on another character? I did all of mine on the same character.
Posted by JAGERMEISTER TX on 11 Oct 17 at 10:41
FxH FinalI'll try again today
Posted by FxH Final on 11 Oct 17 at 12:20
AnxiousAbeye i got other cheevo for using chickin on all minions but not this lol :) jurnel sez i still need to use this chickin doll :(
Posted by AnxiousAbe on 11 Oct 17 at 12:52
FxH FinalOk this time worked for me. Same enemy, same doll lol
Posted by FxH Final on 12 Oct 17 at 07:38
Ham SaladMy friends and I were unable to obtain this achievement while in a group. We would kill an enemy with the doll, and the system notification would appear in the game, but it would not check off in the journal. After using all five, none of us got the achievement.

Once we disbanded, we used them again and began getting proper credit for using each voodoo doll in the journal. The achievement unlocked after using them all again. Very odd.
Posted by Ham Salad on 19 Oct 17 at 07:38
Redsleeysame , it did not unlock for me until i left group
Posted by Redsleey on 29 Mar 20 at 17:53