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The Pilgrim

Collect a Pilgrim armor set

The Pilgrim0
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Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox659,759
15 Sep 2017 20 Oct 2017
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UPDATE: As far as I can tell, you can get this achievement with mixing up different classes gear; I popped the achievement with a set of DC gear in my GWF's inventory. Also, different classes can purchase the gear, you just need all the gear at some point on the same character. Doesn't have to be all at once!

Pilgrim's Gear is the middle level of the 5 new levels of gear in Chult. It is item level 460.
Pilgrim's Gear binds on pickup to account.

You can get Pilgrim's Gear by:
1. The Chest and Arms pieces in the Tarmalune Trade Bar Store. Chest is 80 TBs, Arm is 65 TBs.

2. The Foot and Head pieces one of two ways:
...A. Buying the appropriate packs off the Auction House, the Pilgrim Helm Pack or the Pilgrim Footwear Pack. At time of writing this there are lots of Helm Packs going for around 60k AD. There's only 1 Footwear pack going for nearly 900k AD, probably a price gouger.

...B. Buying the Zen Market item that includes the Head or Footwear Pilgrim Pack:
......1. Enchanted Keys and Pilgrim Helm for 2,250 Zen.
......2. Chultan Hunter Bundle, which includes the Chultan Hunter(increases by 10% drop of Chultan Riches and Forgotten Totems), a Lesser Bonding Runestone, and the Pilgrim Footwear Pack. That all for 2,500 Zen.

The Pilgrim's gear like the Huntsman's gear has more Recovery for my GWF than the other sets offer, otherwise a decent mix of the usual good stats.

Pilgrim's Gear has a mix of all-round useful bonuses:
Helm: +1% Damage in all of Chult.
Chest: Gain 100 Defense for each enemy you are engaged in battle with.
Arms: Gain 100 Power for each enemy you are engaged in battle with.
Feet: Wanderer's Vigor: When not in a party, you regenerate 3% of your Maximum Hit Points, up to 3000, every 3 seconds.
Ilindurhave all 4 pieces of pilgrim restoration on my DC, no cheevo

Edit: You need to actually buy the piece with the character, not just buy it with wv and then bank it to your alt (even if it shows in the collection doing so)
Posted by Ilindur on 19 Sep 17 at 16:41
Shadow 00 Foxbuy it with what? wv? I'm not sure what you mean?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 19 Sep 17 at 17:53
o FiFi xCan confirm that you need to buy/get the armor with one character. Can't buy it on one character and send it to the other.
Posted by o FiFi x on 18 Oct 17 at 13:47
Shadow 00 FoxThanks for the update! A clarification though... can you buy the armor for another class then send it to that class, is that what you mean? In other words, the armor has to match the class specifically but can be sent to it? Or do you mean that you must buy one exact set matching your class with that same character buying it? I hope this makes sense. :)
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 18 Oct 17 at 18:15
o FiFi xIt did make sense, sorry for not being too clear. At first I bought the armor/arms from the trade bar store with my main (GWF) and sent it to my alt DC, then bought the packs from the trade house with the achievement. So I had to re-buy the gear from the trade bar store with my DC and then I got the achievement. So it has to be all in one character. You can buy the packs from the trade house with any character as long as you open it with the ONE character you bought the trade bar gear on. Now I hope I made sense haha :)
Posted by o FiFi x on 19 Oct 17 at 13:31
Shadow 00 FoxOk thanks, it makes sense now. :-) However, I'm wondering what would've happened if you had sent the gear from your DC to your GWF? Would it have triggered then?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 20 Oct 17 at 20:20
Shadow 00 FoxOk... I just popped the achievement doing it the way you tried. I bought the Armor with my DC, the Helm from the AH with my DC. Then I went on my GWF, brought over the two pieces of DC gear, opened a Footwear pack for a piece of DC footwear, and finally bought the last piece, DC arms from the trade bar merchant and got the achievement, while on my GWF. :-)
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 20 Oct 17 at 20:38
o FiFi xI wonder why it didn't pop for me the first time when I transferred the 2 pieces of trade bar gear to my DC then, not sure if glitch or just Neverworking as always haha. Glad it's done thou and glad you got it :)
Posted by o FiFi x on 22 Oct 17 at 00:32
MathNotEvenOnceThis doesn't appear in the auction house or zen market. any tips?
Posted by MathNotEvenOnce on 05 Nov 17 at 02:31
Shadow 00 FoxAre you searching the auction house for "Pilgrim"? If nothing shows up with that search under equipment, then none are currently posted.
In the Zen market, have you looked under "Keys" to see the pack of keys that comes with the Pilgrim Helm pack? Also in the market, can you find the Chultan Hunter under "Companions" that comes with the Pilgrim Boots pack?
Around Black Friday, there might be a flood of the packs on the market due to the anticipated sales and people buying lots of keys... the boots pack though will still be pricy.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 05 Nov 17 at 08:42
OGxBillyTheKidxHow does a person obtain trade bars?
Posted by OGxBillyTheKidx on 24 Nov 17 at 18:09
OGxBillyTheKidxHow does a person obtain trade bars?
Posted by OGxBillyTheKidx on 24 Nov 17 at 18:13
The GlobalizerTrade bars come from lockboxes as a random drop.

I got the in-game achievement with all 5 of my character by mailing the pieces around, so it shouldn't matter how you get the pieces as long as a character gets them. (It says "your" class but that didn't seem to matter at all.)
Posted by The Globalizer on 24 Nov 17 at 19:34
Rick HD1212/9/17: Just unlocked this on my DC. Bought both the HR and DC trade bar gear on my HR, mailed the DC gear to my DC. Equipped chest and hands on my HR, and equipped the chest and salvaged the hands on my DC. Bought the Chultun Hunter Companion Bundle for 2125 Zen on my DC (15% off any item/companion coupon works, unsure of 20% off striker companion, but that could also work having this cost only 2000 Zen). Opened the Pilgrim Footwear Pack on the DC and equipped the boots. Then bought the Pilgrim Helmet Pack on the AH and opened it on the DC and the achievement immediately unlocked.

Would seem that you don't have to buy the items on the same character, or have all the items actively in your inventory, as long as the entire set is unlocked in collections on one.
Posted by Rick HD12 on 09 Dec 17 at 18:29
easycheese124Just logged in after the update today to find a reward available. Contained every piece of pilgrim gear, a purple mount and 2 weeks VIP. Not sure if this is for everyone, but I'm sure glad I bought these pieces off the zen market 2 weeks ago [/sarcasm]
Posted by easycheese124 on 24 May 18 at 17:31
Shadow 00 FoxNice! Which purple mount?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 25 May 18 at 07:33
easycheese124A spiked deinonychus (+1000 recovery and defense). Everything is bind to account so no trading/selling
Posted by easycheese124 on 25 May 18 at 11:31
Shadow 00 FoxJust thinking about logging back in after something like 3 months away to get a new mount. :-) I'm at 124 mounts currently I think on my GWF?.. lol.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 25 May 18 at 18:15
KillersquirelzThis reward is definitely not available to everyone.
Posted by Killersquirelz on 29 May 18 at 17:26
LonesquiffThe pilgrim footwear is now available in the trade store as well. Most likely this was updated when the Ravenloft expansion released.
Posted by Lonesquiff on 12 Sep 18 at 11:18
LonesquiffThe pilgrim footwear is now available in the trade store as well. Most likely this was updated when the Ravenloft expansion released.
Posted by Lonesquiff on 13 Sep 18 at 01:21
Golden SequencePilgrim foot and head are now available by trade bar merchant.
Posted by Golden Sequence on 05 Jul 20 at 14:18
AstariahAfter the newest update where did the armor go?
Posted by Astariah on 28 Jul 20 at 18:20
BambadanLooks like this is now unobtainable?
Posted by Bambadan on 04 Nov 20 at 16:29
The GlobalizerCan still buy the pack on the auction house if anyone sells it, so not technically unobtainable. Functionally, yes, otherwise.
Posted by The Globalizer on 04 Nov 20 at 19:11
Astariahreally sad how they fix deed achievments and go and screw these achievments up and whats worse is they revamp the trad bar store and added more items to it which u can get in the world and remove the pilgrim items that u cant get in the world, makes no sense.

someone said you can craft it but i highly doubt it since wiki shows it as bought from trade bar

if they wanted to they could just add the 2 missing pieces to the collection and all u need to do is buy other 2 pieces from AH
Posted by Astariah on 24 Dec 20 at 01:59
Leo AscendentI assume these will be available again at some point, like how Deeds were. Honestly not surprising, since this is how many MMORPGs work anyway, add content, remove content, etc.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 12 Jan 21 at 15:49
The GlobalizerI'm not sure they'll be back, NW tends to deprecate and move on. And "should do" isn't really how the devs operate. roll
Posted by The Globalizer on 12 Jan 21 at 15:58
Leo AscendentI'm hoping they re-add them somehow, or change the achievement requirements (pfft). I'm still surprised the Deeds ones unlock.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 12 Jan 21 at 16:30
XI AlphaMale IXPush them to fix here:
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 15 Jul 21 at 10:43
AstariahA few people got the achievement this month
Posted by Astariah on 27 Aug 21 at 14:28
XellizMod 22 Released 2-1-2022 has returned Pilgrim gear to the Chult campaign store
Posted by Xelliz on 01 Feb at 22:02
Leo AscendentNice, thanks for the update!!
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 01 Feb at 22:20