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Holiday Blues

Escape the Centre Perks 2.0 prison.

Holiday Blues0
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18 Sep 2017 18 Sep 2017
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Found a wonderfull site. If you don't know The Escapists Wikia, here it is:

There you can know all escape possibilities, solo or co-op. There are 7 ways to escape Centre Perks. Number 1 has 5 different strategies, done only solo. Number 2 also solo. Number 3 in co-op.

All the text below is copy paste from the website! I take no credit!

1.1 Strategy 1
- Get strength up to 100 and intelligence up to 70
- Obtain the plastic purple key
- Also get a guard outfit and a baton
- Get some flimsy cutters as well
- Get your outfit, key and cutters
- Attend roll call at night
- Instead of going to your cell go out the purple door near the generator
- Go behind the generator and clip out the power cord
1.2 Strategy 2
- Get your stats up to 70 each.
- Get a good weapon. (A Sock Mace is Recommended)
- Get putty and plastic.
- Find the guard with the yellow key.
- Beat him up, take his guard outfit and make the plastic yellow key.
- Do the same thing to the guard with the purple key.
- Get flimsy cutters and a bed dummy.
The Escape:
- When Lights Out occurs, put the bed dummy in your bed.
- Grab everything you need, the cutters, the two keys, and the guard outfit.
- Put on your guard outfit.
- Get out of your cell. You can drop the yellow key now.
- Get outside. You can drop the purple key now.
- Make your way to the fence, avoiding the spotlights.
- Cut through the fence and you're free!
1.3 Strategy 3
- Get your intellect up to 50.
- Get a Lightweight Pickaxe and a Poster.
- Go to the library on the bottom right of the prison.
- Chip through the right wall. Cover the hole with the Poster. DO NOT GET CAUGHT BY THE GUARDS.
- Get a screwdriver and flimsy cutters.
The Escape:
- When Lights Out occurs, unscrew the vent on top of your cell.
- Put back the vent cover.
- Go to the library.
- Unscrew the vent.
- Get outside.
- Cut the fence and you're out!
1.4 Strategy 4: (Digging Time) This is the longest escape but the easiest one.
- Grab a digging tool. (Multitool is the fastest, but Sturdy Shovel and Plastic Spoon are good)
- Craft a bed dummy. (Just in case)
- Cover the cell bars.
- Keep digging forward until you get to the edge of the map. Remember to brace your tunnel with timber braces!
The Escape:
- When Lights Out occurs, put the bed dummy in your bed.
- Go into the tunnel.
- Dig Up and you are out!
1.5 Strategy 5: (Cut-Cut-Cut) With this you can easily escape on Day 1 Night
- Any cutters
The Escape:
- When you attend to the last rollcall, go to the left, below the medic room there's a hallway to the left, follow it and stand in the purple door at the end until the end of the rollcall.
- Go down, through the right door and down again up to the fence.
- Cut the fence.
- You are out with only one item! You should get a diploma!

- Get to the spot where the camera crew is set (you can follow them to find out, it's in the north on the 2-nd floor).
- At the place where the camera crew stays, search the desk and get the Civilian Outfit and the Radio Receiver.
- Now search a Broom and Roll of Duct Tape (this can be found in other prisoners desks or it can be bought from them).
- Raise your intellect to 50.
- Craft the Fake Audio Equipment.
The Escape:
- Equip the Civilian Outfit and the Fake Audio Equipment.
- Head to the North Eastern part of the prison where visitor room is located and go through the corridor.
- Go through the door on the left side of that room (be aware to do this quickly as there is a camera watching that door).

BE AWARE: this way of escaping is a multiplayer way. It's not possible to do this alone!
- First of all you have to reach level 50 Intellect.
- Search/buy 3 pieces of Timber, x2 Nails, Hammer and a Bracket.
- Craft Crate Base, Crate Casing and Crate Top.
- Find Postal Address (this may be random, but you can check for it in the multiplayer room upstairs)
The Escape:
- Get all your items and put your box together in the delivery room on the east (the one with the multiplayer door).
- Put your address on the box.
- Escape.
MrKoolxDoodi cant get the goddamn red key without gettin drop by half the guards in the prison
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 30 Apr 20 at 03:47
MrKoolxDoodwrong prison hahaha my bad
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 30 Apr 20 at 03:49