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One Pixellated Step...

Escape the U.S.S Anomaly prison.

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18 Sep 2017
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Found a wonderfull site. If you don't know The Escapists Wikia, here it is:

There you can know all escape possibilities, solo or co-op. There are 3 ways to escape U.S.S Anomaly. Number 1 and 2 are solo. Number 3 only co-op.

All the text below is copy paste from the website! I take no credit!

This is a SINGLE-PLAYER ONLY escape.
- First get your intelligence to 60 (70 to upgrade the contraband pouch useful but not necessary).
- Next, you'll need to get 4 items : A Plastic Red Key, A Contraband Pouch, A Guard Costume OR 2 Energy Modules, and A Jet pack.
- No matter if you got the Guard's Outfit or 2 Energy, head to the area where 2 Red Double doors meet.
- If you got the Guard's Outfit, head to the contraband desk in the SWAT or Special OPS room.
- If you got the 2 Energy Modules, head up towards the guards room. Go up the stairs and there will be a desk guarded by a force field. You have to head to the computer by the top right and disable it with the 2 Energy Modules. Then get the Jet pack.
- Finally, head all the way to the left (Where the dogs are at and contraband detectors behind Red doors. Go in there, head the farthest left that you can in that room, and then turn off the gravity.
- Good Job! You escaped via the longest way and the most dangerous way! Hats off to you!

This is a SINGLE-PLAYER ONLY escape.
- First get your intelligence to 60 UNLESS you get 2 lightweight cutter.
- Next you'll need to get following items - A Screwdriver and A Sturdy Cutter (Or 2 lightweight cutters if you managed to get 2 for cheaper).
- Head to the shower room, and below it should be a small medic room, then a room w/ a purple key. Head up to the top.
- Head to the bottom fence and cut through it. Then head to the desk, and in the top left of the desk room should be a vent. Enter the vent with the screwdriver and then cut ALL of the fences until the end. You then exit the vent (last tile), and head up and out to the space ship.
- Congratulations! You escaped!

This is a MULTIPLAYER ONLY escape.
- First, get your intelligence to 60 or partner (70 if you want to get Energy Sword)
- Then you need to acquire the following items in order to escape - An Energy Module (2 Batteries and 1 Wire), A Medical Mesh (Easiest to get from Medic Desk), and An Oxygen Tank.
- Once you got the items, head to the top of the cafe, there should be double doors, just follow the path to the Multiplayer doors.
- Then you need to insert the items into the pod near the top on the right (You should see the ESCAPE button).
- Congratulations! You escaped one of the hardest prisons via multiplayer!