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A Camp Departure

Escape the K.A.P.O.W Camp prison.

A Camp Departure0
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18 Sep 2017 18 Sep 2017
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Found a wonderfull site. If you don't know The Escapists Wikia, here it is:

There you can know all escape possibilities, solo or co-op. There are 3 ways to escape K.A.P.O.W Camp. Number 1 and 2 for solo. Number 3 is co-op.

All the text below is copy paste from the website! I take no credit!


- Get 60 Intelligence
- Search or buy 4x File, 4x Duct Tape
- Search or buy 1x Toothbrush/Comb, 1x Lighter, 1x Talcum powder, 1x Toothpaste
- Craft 1x Flimsy Cutters, 1x Lightweight Cutters, 1x Sturdy Cutters ( you can use each of the cutters first and when they are almost fully degraded...then use them )
- Craft 1x Wad of Putty, 1x Molten plastic
- Find a guard with a red key ( best way of doing this is to knock out every guard until you find someone with a red key )
- take the red key of the guard, craft a red key mould ( 1x red key and 1x wad of putty ) and put the key back onto the guard ( if you don't make it, drop the key and run back to your cell and put all your contraband into your desk )
- craft a red plastic key ( 1x red key mould and 1x molten plastic )
- Craft a Bed Dummy too ( 2x pillows, 1x red blanket )
The Escape:
- Put your Bed Dummy in your bed
- Check in on the final Roll Call of the day
- Run to the generator ( south east corner of the map )
- Wait until 00:00 and turn the generator off
- Head to the southern fence ( the one located between the two rooms with the hammer symbol and the spot where the dogs are on your map )
- Cut trough the first fence ( DO NOT cut trough the fence before 00:00 or you will be shot! )
- Head south again and cut trough the second fence ( be aware of the spotlights and patrolling guards!)
- Escape!


- Get 40 Intelligence.
- Search or buy 1x Makeshift Ladder.
- Search or buy 1x Screwdriver, 1x Can of Soda, 1x Sugar Mint (commonly found on guards).
- Craft 1xMakeshift Rocket Thruster.
- Locate the room with the motorbike in the South side of the prison.
The Escape:
- Take all your items and head to the room with the motorbike.
- Locate the shadow of the vent on the floor and put your ladder on it.
- Climb up your ladder (like you do when you climb a desk) and unlock the vent.
- Unlock the second vent and go down.
- Put the Makeshift Rocket Thruster on the motorbike.
- Escape!
Note: If you want visual help on how to do this, check out the video below.

This escape is a multiplayer only escape
- Get 60 Intelligence.
- Steal 2x Bed Sheets.
- Search or buy 1x Length of Rope, 4x Dowel (this is best bought from inmates), 2x Roll of Duct Tape, x1 Circuit Board, x1 Wire, x1 Lighter and x1 Comb or Toothbrush.
- Craft 1x Molten Plastic.
- Craft 1x Glider Skin, 2x Half Frame of Glider.
- Craft 2x Sturdy Pickaxe (at least the sturdy version of them).
- Take Circuit Board and Wire and locate the guard with the Cyan Keycard.
- Knock out the guard and craft Cyan Keycard Mould. Don't forget to put original Cyan Keycard back to guard's inventory or flush it down the toilet.
- Craft the Fake Cyan Keycard.
- Optional: Search and grab some energy drinks or food to replenish your energy when breaking down a long wall.
The Escape:
- Take all of your items.
- Run to the library next to the kitchen and head up the stairs.
- Use your Fake Cyan Keycard on the cyan keycard lock which is located on the wall from the right and let the second player come in.
- Head up the stairs again and make your way to the south east part of the roof where you have the wooden platform.
- Equip all of your glider parts one by one and put them on the platform.
- Use your Sturdy Pickaxes on the eastern wall and break all the damaged pieces.
- Escape!
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