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Driving High

Achieve a height of 115 feet or more in a vehicle

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This is a really easy achievement to attain thanks to a little trick I know of.

If you have the option to do so, turn off the gangs. If the gangs are still around, defeat Colonel Cowell in Shai-Gen. He is located in the tower across from Wang's tower (the second largest building in the game).
After Cowell is defeated, return to his tower with a vehicle in hand. Make sure the vehicle can get inside of the building (Agency SUV works fine). Drive into the building's lobby and then drive inside of the elevator.
Once settled, exit the car and start the elevator. Now, go back inside of your car and wait. The achievement should pop up after about 5-10 seconds.
StoodBridgeIt worked for me. =)
Posted by StoodBridge on 05 Apr 09 at 20:36
Aki2403Exactly what I did, even down to the vehicle. works perfectly.
Posted by Aki2403 on 09 Feb 12 at 11:37
Subliminal CutsAwesome thanks, you can also go for the 6 seconds of air at the same time with the SUV
Posted by Subliminal Cuts on 04 Apr 12 at 17:56
oxBURN3RxoAwesome guide.
Posted by oxBURN3Rxo on 31 Jan 15 at 20:53
TXsportsGamer83Excellent. +1
Posted by TXsportsGamer83 on 12 Feb 20 at 05:59