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Cheating Death

Use the Totem of Undying to cheat death

Cheating Death-1.3
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Totems of undying are dropped by evokers, which spawn in woodland mansions. See my guide on Feeling Ill for more information on how to find them.
MinecraftFeeling IllThe Feeling Ill achievement in Minecraft worth 72 pointsDefeat an Evoker

Once you have the totem of undying, simply build a really tall tower and jump off while holding the item in your hand. You don't need to press anything; as soon as you hit the ground, the totem will be used and you will get the achievement.
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Lyco499 You say to see your guide on Cheating Death for info on how to find a totem. This is your guide. Unless you're talking about some other guide, in which case you should link it.
Posted by Lyco499 on 28 Sep 17 at 20:49
Aco2148117 I did not realize I made that typo. It is fixed
Posted by Aco2148117 on 29 Sep 17 at 00:37
Lyco499 No probs, changed my vote. Thanks for the guide.
Posted by Lyco499 on 29 Sep 17 at 16:26
thomaskorat Evokers now also spawn in Pillager Raids.
Posted by thomaskorat on 12 Nov 19 at 00:53