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Gimme A Boost

Purchase a skill boost at the Newsstand in MyCAREER.

Gimme A Boost0
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28 Sep 2017
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Just to add on this solution made by iFlyHi, you must accept the cheaper endorsement during the first few games in your rookie season, if you decline both times you lose your chance on your current save and you can't buy boosts without the endorsement.
Once you do accept it you get a shirt, equip it then talk to the newsstand guy, then you can buy boosts
I iManuBAD iT ISorry I dont understand. I've played 40 games (in a row) and I dont have message for this t-shirt, so is impossible buy boost for me? (with this current save)

No t-shirt no boost? really? Dont exist alternative method?

srry for my UK
Posted by I iManuBAD iT I on 29 Sep 17 at 10:29
RoboTicS83I Cpt Bad iT I have u completed all the Objectives under the objective tab on the phone or have u just played 40 straight matches one after another?
Posted by RoboTicS83 on 29 Sep 17 at 11:53
I iManuBAD iT I^I've complete 2/3 objective (sponsor), complete 5 games in half court and complete 5 game in mypark with t-shirt.
Posted by I iManuBAD iT I on 29 Sep 17 at 12:26
RoboTicS83then just walk over The Newsstand to the guy, when he is open and talk to him (cutscene). otherwise you don't own the correct T-shirt that should be given to you by Coach. I think it's written Newsstand on the black t-shirt if I'm correct, am not 100% sure what's written on it, but can check and tell you later.
Posted by RoboTicS83 on 29 Sep 17 at 13:04
I iManuBAD iT IOk, thank u bro for this info.
Posted by I iManuBAD iT I on 29 Sep 17 at 13:15