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Making It Rain

Create your own weather forecast in Freeplay

Making It Rain0
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29 Sep 2017
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Select Maple Valley Raceway from the track list in Freeplay and set up a 1 lap Circuit Race and select Rain from the Track Scenario tab. Now just start the race and the achievement will pop immediately, letting you simply cancel the race. Simple!
XonatronWorked perfectly!
Posted by Xonatron on 30 Sep 17 at 04:02
Baked SnickersJust wanted to add that if you make drivatar difficulty unbeatable and turn on "bigger is better" in advanced race settings, you can nab the "Super Human" achievement as well just by finishing the race last
Posted by Baked Snickers on 22 Oct 17 at 02:07
Gary VargaThanks InfiniteLogic & Baked Snickers.
Posted by Gary Varga on 24 Sep 19 at 21:04
Soulreaper1989worked like a charm
Posted by Soulreaper1989 on 26 Sep 19 at 05:00
DaporixIt worked perfect for me
Posted by Daporix on 26 Oct 20 at 07:09
Trych MasterAwesome! That takes care of my daily cheevo!
Posted by Trych Master on 08 Dec 20 at 23:43
InviernoCero2- Very helpful, thanks, +1 laugh
- Muy útil, gracias, +1 laugh
Posted by InviernoCero2 on 11 Jan at 13:20