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Feeling Ill

Defeat an Evoker

Feeling Ill-0.4
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02 Oct 2017
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On the xbox one version of minecraft (not the better together update one) and create a new world, enter these settings:
seed: -4817872494774699668
size: classic
biome size: small

After that go to X-162 Y97 Z-132 or if you dont want to use the map just get on a top of a tree and you can see them. There are two mansions there and if you kill an evoker which is a random spawn, they will drop a totem of undying (100% drop) which you can then use to do the other achievement which is Cheating Death. Happy hunting :)
Juicy PlumbsThanks bro the seed worked perfectly 👍 wasn’t having any luck with others! Just gained feeling I’ll and cheating death! Cheers bro!!
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 04 Feb 18 at 17:18