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Fully Complete the Seeker Championship

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04 Oct 2017
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Its actually easy.

You need to finish the drivers cup one time to unlock all races.

You just need:
10/10 cups
5/5 showcases
8500 total points

So its not needed that you have every cup 1000 points ;)
So its not needed that you have every cup 1000 points
This is great information.
Does it say anywhere on screen that you need 8500 total points? How do you know that?
Thanks for the solution.
Posted by malchers on 04 Oct 17 at 08:55
When you first finished the drivers cup, new cups will be u locked and you can see a new max score that you have to reach.

And if you make more points it will still stay at 8500.

Its a different score for the other cups but for the seeker its 8500 and thats cool because I finished some races only on third place so not every cup was 1000.

I really like this new compromise from Turn 10. 😃
Posted by FAULTIER on 04 Oct 17 at 10:42
malchersThanks! Would you be so kind to write down the points requirements for other cups as well? I would love to know what to aim for already before finishing the drivers cup.
Posted by malchers on 04 Oct 17 at 17:35
xspeeddreamerBreakout = 12500
Evolution = 22000
Domination = 45000
Masters = 65000
Forza Drivers = 110000
Posted by xspeeddreamer on 04 Oct 17 at 19:33
I reached 8500, and it didn't unlock the reward.
I was so disappointed.
Now I am just 2 cups away.
Posted by 艾伦史塔克 on 07 Oct 17 at 15:26
FAULTIERYeah i also reached 8500 before it unlocked but then I saw I might have to finish all cups and ping :D
Posted by FAULTIER on 09 Oct 17 at 15:27
TheAnonymityWhere are these "showcases" that you mention? I completed all the races that are available and got 2nd place on only two of those, totaling 8490 points. There aren't any other races available, just the 10 of them.
Posted by TheAnonymity on 07 Mar 19 at 16:00