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World Traveller

Complete a race on every track in Multiplayer

World Traveller+0.4
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09 Oct 2017 21 Oct 2017
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Set type of race to Drift.
End of race condition everyone in bucket, race ends in a few seconds.
Select next race, rinse and repeat. Takes about 2 hours 25 mins.

Keep a note of the ones you’ve done. Best to do all of them in one session.

Achievement does track, press A to view achievement and the percentage will be going up.
JappeIs the next race always a new one or do you need to manually change the track?
Posted by Jappe on 16 Oct 17 at 17:09
C3LLDW3LLERManually select the next race. Keep a note of the ones you’ve done. Best to do all of them in one session.
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 21 Oct 17 at 05:25
ŤRIBULXTIONŠNeed this, message me anytime if anyone wants to boost this.

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Posted by ŤRIBULXTIONŠ on 09 Nov 17 at 08:42
TickTockRobWorked a treat - the tracker didn't progress at all, but it popped at the end

You need to change the race type to drift to get the everyone in bucket to appear, and also increase the number of buckets on the advanced options screen for the race...also, the end race condition is further down the page on the advanced options screen - you need to scroll down
Posted by TickTockRob on 15 Nov 17 at 23:38
DC AbaddonHow do you chose end of race conditions "everyone in bucket"?
We can choose "time", "laps" and "none". Nothing else... :(
Posted by DC Abaddon on 22 Nov 17 at 18:28
jacky roosterlook above in the advances options to set the bucket number. then it be becomes an option you can choose. OP should update the solution.
Posted by jacky rooster on 21 Jan 18 at 09:31
Maverick HiroWorked like a charm! The tracker never moved during the session, neither for me nor my partner. We still got it at the end. Awesome solution.
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 07 May 18 at 02:04
planting42Tracker does NOT move unless you visit the game club page (it was called a game hub in older dashboards). Then it will update the achievement tracker.
Posted by planting42 on 22 Sep 19 at 01:08
The SCHWARTZ 00Thank you for mentioning the game club page trick, Planting. My tracker was stuck at 2%, once I visited the club it shot up to 10% after a quick session.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 09 Jan at 18:44
lfcjohnThis should be the best solution with two console (or one console + one PC).

I marked each track manually and the tracker increase after visit game club (you can just select the achievement and then jump to game club then back (press B) immediately) The tracker will reflect the latest progress.
Posted by lfcjohn on 20 Feb at 04:36
TubbedIt takes 45 seconds per track (measured from 'Start Race to the next 'Start Race').
This is with both people on XSX|S' and with optimal menu management, button presses and 'readying up'.
You can do it in under 2 hours with this method. And checking the club for tracking progress works as others have mentioned above.
Posted by Tubbed on 14 Oct at 22:23
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Posted by HappyDog325 on 11 Nov at 19:05