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Feed the Beasts

Attract every kind of beast using bait.

Feed the Beasts0
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There are 4 creatures you must lure out and pictures of what the bait looks like in and out of Wraith vision:

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

Go ahead and use cn_LB for Wraith vision and run around the map. As far as I know, the earliest point to get this achievement is in the second map, Cirith Ungol.

If you are having difficulty getting anything to spawn, find a Captain from the Feral Tribe (found under their strengths) and go to that area.

If you STILL can't find any, then make a Captain from the Feral Tribe one your followers and promote him overlord of your fortress. Might take some time, but it will spawn eventually
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festival toilet i only need drake. where abouts can i lure one in?
Posted by festival toilet on 23 Oct 17 at 21:01
Im Revv Same, lol
Im 25 hours in a have never seen Drake bait
Posted by Im Revv on 30 Oct 17 at 08:50
Renattooo Thanks! Tried to search my fortesses for "Feral" captains (usually see in their name too). Made 1 of them to overlord and when went to the fortress the new overlord just worked on the drake bait. :)
Posted by Renattooo on 08 Nov 17 at 16:24
The Malki Man, got the drake bait first try. Just promoted a Feral Captain to Overlord and fast traveled to the fortress. The bait appeared right away. Thanx for the tip. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by The Malki on 24 Dec 17 at 00:49