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Vetro Strike

Halo CE: Beat the par score on Assault on the Control Room.

Vetro Strike-0.1
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16 Oct 2017
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Here's a video guide for those who would rather watch somebody do it.

Assault on the Control Room
Par Score: 18,000

Difficulty: Legendary
Skulls: Boom, Pinata, Grunt Birthday Party
Level time: 26:22
Level score: 40,553

NOTE: If you die, quickly press Start and Save and Quit. Then press resume and you will save time and you can make a no death run getting you an even higher score. You must Save & Quit before you respawn again.


- Make use of your grenades
- Go for headshots
- If you're using the Save & Quit trick, then just try speedrunning the rest of the level once you reach your Par Score.
- Try completing the level as fast as possible.
- Have patience. The video makes it look easier than it really is.

Video Credit: Halo Completionist (Youtube Channel)