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Thinking Outside of the Box

Optional 7

Thinking Outside of the Box0
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19 Oct 2017
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Hey all, just a quick video guide for this achievement. This is the optional puzzle in chapter 7 located in section G66. This is a really simple one, you need to go through the door on the left, grab the box, then put it into the door frame to stop the door from closing all the way. Then grab the ball, insert it into the other port and boom, done. Hope the video helps!

GUYS GHOSTIs this a missable achievement?
Posted by GUYS GHOST on 08 Dec 17 at 10:46
GunflameNo it's not, it's an optional achievement. You need to do the extra puzzle in Chapter 7 to unlock it, and you can just choose to replay that level after you've beaten it.
Posted by Gunflame on 08 Dec 17 at 21:12
DF I PhoenixI want to state that this achievement can be glitchy. I did what was required at my first attempt, but no achievement when entering the room. By reloading the area and doing it again, it finally worked. I don't know if I'm the first having this trouble, but I wanted to point it out
Posted by DF I Phoenix on 14 Nov 18 at 08:03