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The Evil Within 2 achievements

The Evil Within 2

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There are 51 The Evil Within 2 achievements worth 1,807 (1,000)

16,888 tracked gamers have this game, 849 have completed it (5.03%)

Secret Achievement in The Evil Within 2

Secret Achievement210 (50)

Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)

  • Unlocked by 962 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.20) 17,052  
223,358 (140,942)
Achievement won on 17 Oct 17
TA Score for this game: 1,807
Posted on 19 October 17 at 23:03
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This is more of just tips than a guide but I figured these will help.

Your 7 saves should be spaced out to avoid lengthy replays (obviously)
Personally I saved 1: ch4 right before entering the marrow
2: ch7 right before boss fight with Stefano
3: ch9 right before cabin fight (save where crank puzzle is)
4: ch13 before leaving the safe house (the second one, not the one in the marrow)
5: ch14 right after escorting Hoffman
6: ch15 right after Theodore boss fight
7: ch16 right before final boss fight (last save point in the game)
You can variate as you see fit but this worked for me (I prefer having safety at the end)

A few tips:
You dont have to do a ton of looting in the game but it is suggested to go for a few things.
There is 2 pistol ammo pouches and a shotgun pouch in ch3, they will make your life a little easier. Look up a guide on pouches and get the ones that are not to far out of the way on your adventure. I ended up with 4 pistol pouches, 2 shotgun, 1 crossbow, and 1 syringe.

GO FOR KEYS: The game does not troll you with gel in the lockers. It provides a ton of crafting materials and ammo. I ended with about 22 opened lockers and easily could have had more. Typically i would run a circle on the open levels going clockwise picking up loot and keys that were on the way before continuing the main mission.

Save ammo: if you can sneak, then sneak. If you can run, run. Avoid fights as often as possible to stay filled with ammo. If you conserve well enough you can cheese the later sections of the game (this is what I did cause I was so ready to beat it lol). By cheese I mean spamming shotgun stomp or using smoke/stun bolts to open gates instead of clearing out the rooms.

Make use of stealth sprinting. I really do not see people using this but it helps out so much when your trying to stealth through a room. You can run to cover even when crouched by hitting the (B) button when a chevron or white ^ is shown. pick up this skill and even enemies on crazy patrol patterns will fall victim to you.

Crafting health items in the field use the same amount of materials as it does at a work bench so do not be afraid to do so. On the other hand, try not to craft anything else unless it is at a workbench. It requires way to much to field craft ammo

In chapter 4, when you have to wait for the door to open in the marrow, you can just stay on the ladder (have left hand on the second to top handle of ladder) and wait out the timer. Takes a while but you are completely safe and save a ton of ammo. Plus those witches are best avoided at all times anyways

In chapter 5 boss fight, did you get the achievement for avoiding this fight? Well do it again! To make sure she does not catch up to you and cut you in half while your opening the door, as the fight starts run to the left and bait her into the cage (make sure she enters from the side further away from the building). As soon as she enters (she takes a second to knock down the first side) run out and run around the left of the building, shooting the barrels along the way. The second set of crates has a barrel behind them to speed thing up. You should have enough time to pick up both explosive bolts and open the door unharmed. You are able to take one hit before opening the door if you are a little slow.

Chapter 8 boss Stefano can be stunned with electric bolts when he is teleporting to you. Just use shotgun until you run out (if you run out) and he should be cake. Also if you saved an axe it will take a huge chunk of his life in second phase.

Chapter 9 prison area was rough at first. Personally before grabbing the crank I killed everything behind bars to make everything easier. A headshot from the spike bolts should 1-hit most everything. Once you grab the crank a witch will be in the center room, go for stealth if you like but i just shot an explosive bolt then ran to crank room till she resumed patrol and repeated that until she was dead. ( I do not like to take risks against witches cause they will destroy you if your not careful). Do not forget the pouch that is in the room she came from and the key in a cell opposite of crank room.

Chapter 10 cabin fight (lot of re4 throwbacks). Use Torres as bait, you just have to heal her if she loses all her health, no worries of game over (unlike Joseph). Try to just use pistol here until the witch shows up, then do what you got to do to kill that monster (I still had explosive bolts and also saved the explosive barrel for her too!). Then just shotgun the crawlers and you should be good to go! Later in this section try to be as stealthy as possible getting to the hide out. If you do get spotted (like I did) just run for the hatch and use the open area to fight the lava men. Either shotgun stomp or stun stomp them, just time it to where they are not flaming when you go for the kill.

Chapter 11: You can use smoke bolts to hide your self while the door is opening in case you get caught in the lab area. Also pick up the med pouch upstairs too. Boss fight! I ended up using every bit of ammo (excluding gun powder, try to never use gun powder outside of a workbench) on O'neal. Luckily if you run out of ammo, just circle the arena to find pistol ammo given to you at random locations (this would be after you picked up all original loot in the arena). I would suggest not destroying the flamethrower so you can keep your distance, if you do destroy it he will constantly try to melee you and it gets very frustrating. Right after the fight be sure to make a couple clips worth of pistol and shotgun ammo in Sebastion's room.

Chapter 12: If you have not saved since before chapter 10 (like I did) then take this area very slowly. If you get spotted try to finish the enemy off quickly with out running around. Last thing you want to do is attract more enemies. The big guys that explode will one hit you if your not at full health so make sure you stealth kill the one by the crank. In the 3rd section, if you get spotted you can opt to just run for the stairs, just make sure you craft some syringes in case the crawlers hit you.

Chapter 13: Escorting Hoffman is not a walk in the park. Use the pistol as soon as one spawns going for headshots as much as possible. When you get overwhelmed pull out shot gun, 2-shots to the head always gave me a kill. Use smoke/stun bolts if it gets out of hand. Just make sure you can craft about 2-3 smoke bolts and 4-5 stun bolts for chapter 14.

Chapter 14: In the first section of enemies just sneak right and stealth kill the lava guy by the lever. Sneak to the door and run through when/if you get caught. In the second area just run run run till you get to the area on the right where you shoot to stop the flames. After shooting it place a shock bolt here and another right under the crank then start the crank and hit (A) as fast as you can and you should make it through unscathed (use a smoke if you just want to feel safe). In the third area I just used the rest of my smoke bolts to hid from the crawlers since you really will not need them anymore. Boss fight! Keepers should not give you to much trouble, use the sniper if you got it since for the first time you finally get free ammo for it. Use whatever you have to just make sure you save 2 shock bolts for Laura. For Laura just run around until you give her the slip and turn each valve. Once the fire is ready use a stun to keep her in center and pull the lever. Repeat and boom chapter complete.

Chapter 15: By this point hopefully you have saved a lot of ammo and can just run through this section. I literally just shotgun stomped every enemy here until telephone booth boss. Once you get to him you are free to use up whatever ammo you have or any bolts you can craft. Just try to save pistol ammo.

Chapter 16: Final boss, for me pistol was the easiest weapon to use (burst pistol if you have dlc) just dodge left or right avoiding arm slams and returning fire when possible. It was not a quick fight for me but was pretty easy. If you do run out of ammo she will spawn the baby spider things to replenish your supply. If you find your out of ammo and she is not spawning more, double check the area to see if there was something you missed and check that each type of gun is empty (for example laser sight pistol and burst pistol do not share loaded clip).

And with that the rest should be smooth sailing! Let me know if there are any spots your stuck on and I will try to help as much as possible. This is my first guide(tips really) so feedback would be appreciated! Thanks and good luck on your runs!
Kreeper V very useful tips, love the guide - I never realized crafting at the bench used less materials >.<
Posted by Kreeper V on 19 Oct 17 at 23:24
LORD DEATH 1989 I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write such a helpful guide. i went ahead and gave you a thumbs up and i believe i will be using your guide for my classic mode.
Posted by LORD DEATH 1989 on 20 Oct 17 at 00:17
xGamBeaTx @Kreeper V - real men don't read tutorials ? : P
Posted by xGamBeaTx on 20 Oct 17 at 03:48
Findlayfiend if I beat the game on normal and then on classic, does nightmare difficulty achievement stack with this classic mode?
Posted by Findlayfiend on 20 Oct 17 at 12:37
Kreeper V @xGamBeaTx - no way, that's what TA is for! facepalm

@Findlayfiend - yep! the difficulty cheevos stack
Posted by Kreeper V on 20 Oct 17 at 16:25
CaII Me RED @Findlayfiend - like Kreeper V said it does stack but just a heads up, if you skip nightmare then you will have to run a ng+ of your classic run for the weapon achievement. Since the brass knuckles are only unlocked on those two difficulties, but of course you can just change it to easy and run through with infinite ammo with your magnum!
Posted by CaII Me RED on 20 Oct 17 at 17:06
ImaginaryRuins @CaII Me RED
Unless I'm mistaken, the upgrade-all-weapon achievement cannot be done on Classic Mode, the reason being that such a function is not available on this difficulty.

Therefore, the best way (in my humble opinion) to minimise playthroughs is to play on Nightmare Mode right away, and then do half of a NG+ playthrough to get the necessary weapon parts to upgrade all weapons.

After that, since we already have 1.5 to 2 playthroughs on Nightmare, we should be familiar with the enemy difficulty and locations, which should reduce some stress when going for Classic Mode.

My only concern about Classic Mode is the boss fights; some of them burn through all my ammos even though I upgraded my weapons. So what should I do with absolutely no upgrades?
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 21 Oct 17 at 01:31
CaII Me RED @ImaginaryRuins
The weapon achievement I was referring to was the one for acquiring all weapons. But yes, it would probably be faster starting off right away on nightmare. Personally I opted for normal my first run to make all side-quests and collectibles a bit easier, but it cost me an extra half playthrough on my classic save file (which I of course downgraded to easy on). Classic is definitely closer to nightmare as far as preparation goes, but I was use to Akumu from the first so I just jumped straight to it.

As far as ammo for bosses goes, I recommend grabbing pouches if you can and saving as much ammo/bolts for every weapon you can except for pistol. I only ran out ammo on O'neal and the final boss but could have crafted if I wanted too. The boss arenas will spawn pistol ammo if you run out of everything so you should be fine.

Also do not forget to grab keys. The lockers will provide you with plenty of extra ammo and materials to craft more. I was so stingy with gun powder that I ended up having more than 400 by the time I reached chapter 15. Hence why I was able to just shotgun stomp every enemy in that level.
Posted by CaII Me RED on 21 Oct 17 at 05:14
odiedodie Excellent tips. I personally cannot be arsed however :)
Posted by odiedodie on 22 Oct 17 at 20:51
ImaginaryRuins Finished Classic Mode today!

One tip I can give regarding Ch.13 firewall walk, is to rely on Shock Bolts and Explosive Bolts for the final round.

1. Shoot one Shock Bolt on Yukiko; yes, she won't trigger the bolt. This shock bolt is kind of a last defense in case a Disciple gets too close.

2. As soon as the safety dome shrinks, start shooting Explosive Bolts to the front and back, consecutively, onto the road. They could slow down incoming Disicples and deal a considerable amount of damage to them.

3. Just in case one or two Disciples get close, ready any shotgun to shoot them.

For the rest of the time, the pistol is the ideal weapon.

I would also suggest using Medical Kits over Syringes; as soon as you get hit, immediately heal yourself back to full health, which is VERY important because those Disciples' charge attack could one-hit-kill Sebastian if his health isn't full.
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 26 Oct 17 at 13:47
JakThaRiPP3R84 my problem is this game is very long, save points too few and i just get far too fuckin stoned before the next save point, i once got to obscura, a boss that has never beaten me, with all but 2 keys 450 gunpowder and nearly everything done, and obscura fucking facerolled me like a cheap whore.
Posted by JakThaRiPP3R84 on 31 May 18 at 23:15
EarthboundX That sound like a problem of your own making Jak, haha.
Posted by EarthboundX on 07 Sep 18 at 07:08
EarthboundX That tip about just staying on the ladder in Chapter 4 was a big help, I was dreading that area, since that Witch killed me a few times there on Nightmare.

But boy, it took me over 6 hours to get to the first save before City Hall. Chapter 3 is just so damned long if you are trying to be careful and also gather supplies.

Oh come on! I was just about to get to the second save, and one of those poison Laments manages to corner me, grab me and one shot kill me at full health right after I grabbed the Full Barrel Shotgun on my way to enter the theater. She just happened to be at the door when I opened it, guess I'll make sure to sneak kill her next time. This is definitely easier then Akuma, but bah, lost 2 hours of progress.

Ugh, ended up crashing 3 times total, but I finally made it to the second save spot.

Classic mode completed, super easy compared to Akuma, even if those crashes were very frustrating.
Posted by EarthboundX on 10 Sep 18 at 02:19
eXitus676 quick question, would finishing the game on akumu mode unlock the classic mode achievement? would be thankful for any advice on that since I had a blast playing the last game on akumu and not being able to save more than 7 times does not sound like fun
Posted by eXitus676 on 25 Oct 18 at 20:19
EarthboundX There is no Akuma mode in The Evil Within 2.
Posted by EarthboundX on 26 Oct 18 at 00:01
NoHeroes94 For those still looking to get this, you can now use in-game cheats and ALL achievements are unlockable (much like assists in Celeste.) You just need to sync your account up to your/a Bethesda account and you have cheat access.

These cheats include invincibility and 1 hit kills.

People have reported that they have done Classic mode in around 5 hours without a crash.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Oct 18 at 10:12
EarthboundX Huh I figured those new cheats would have disabled the achievements.
Posted by EarthboundX on 31 Oct 18 at 04:03
Mr Greneda Fuck off. I do this without the cheats and that this cheats dont disable the achievements is a punch in the face for all where get it clean.
Posted by Mr Greneda on 02 Nov 18 at 17:55
NoHeroes94 @Mr Greneda - Congrats for doing it legit. The cheats aren't really gamers fault, and for people like me who usually do everything legit with a full time job and masters, if I'm given lemons I'm going to made the lemonade.

The challenge is still there for people to do it, and a week after released, the game still has <5% of players maxing it out, with only around 50 in the week, so it would appear that the ratios aren't going to be completely skewed anyway.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 06 Nov 18 at 12:28
DE4N MUFC If I played this on Akuma mode would I unlock all the other difficulty achievements, including classic? Also in Akuma are you only able to save 7 times in one playthrough or does that only apply to classic mode?
Posted by DE4N MUFC on 23 Nov 18 at 14:58
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz Question..does this stack for against all odds..i.e. If I beat this it unlocks the achievement for beating it on nightmare or higher? Thanks!
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 29 Nov 18 at 23:23
CaII Me RED @zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz Yes beating it on classic will also pop the nightmare difficulty achievement.

@DE4N MUFC sorry I am not sure about that one since Akuma is pretty recent update, I would suggest just doing the classic run just in case if your strictly going for the 1k as easy as possible
Posted by CaII Me RED on 04 Dec 18 at 19:58