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A Storage Solution

Using the File Browser upload a file to your File Share.

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20 Oct 2017 15 Feb 2018
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Happy news! It's obtainable again since 14/2/2018 as can be seen on the 'Recent Winners' tab. Get your achievement people!
This will be my last update. If you need updates for the obtainability of this achievement, check out the forum posts for Halo: Reach on here in TrueAchievements.

It's unobtainable yet again since 18/12/2017 as can be seen on the 'Recent Winners' tab.

Looks like they fixed it again on 1/12/2017 as can be seen on the 'Recent Winners' tab. Get the achievement as fast as you can before it becomes unobtainable again.

It's unobtainable again since 24/10/2017 as can be seen from the Recent Winners tab. Contact 343 Industries & Halo to let them know of the new problem. Hopefully, they'll hear us if we ALL did that.

This achievement is obtainable now as of 20/10/2017. I just got it 5mins ago. First few tries you'll get the annoying & despicable "Upload Failed". Keep trying multiple times, you'll do it successfully, & get the achievement.

Before the fix, I've been trying nonstop with different types of files everyday on different times and it didn't work unfortunately. After the fix, I had to do it 4 times on my Xbox 360 before I got it. I guess Halo & 343 Industries finally listened to us and fixed the issue. Yay!clap

EDIT: For those who voted or will vote negative. Please, let me know why you disliked my solution, so I can better & improve them in the future.
bradplsThank you! Had to try about five or six times, but it finally popped!
Posted by bradpls on 21 Oct 17 at 04:00
SneezeSomeMilkWorked after 2nd try! Perfect.
Posted by SneezeSomeMilk on 21 Oct 17 at 07:09
EarthboundXYep, got it!
Posted by EarthboundX on 21 Oct 17 at 10:22
Erik SeidelThanks! Worked 1st try :)
Posted by Erik Seidel on 22 Oct 17 at 13:45
StriveI've been trying to get it on my second account and nothing is working… I tried uploading a clip, a picture, a gametype, a gameplay… Nothing is working… angry
Posted by Strive on 25 Oct 17 at 21:46
PXNKREBELYou're welcome everyone!

and to Strive:
They fixed it, so keep trying.
Posted by PXNKREBEL on 25 Oct 17 at 23:50
Leox from HellNot works again!
Posted by Leox from Hell on 26 Oct 17 at 03:32
II ESTRANGED IINot working for me
Posted by II ESTRANGED II on 26 Oct 17 at 08:12
StriveUpdate: It still doesn't work as of now, Just tried every file type and the upload still fails… I hope they get it working again… I will try again later tonight!
Posted by Strive on 26 Oct 17 at 11:23
witter56Delete this shit guide.
Posted by witter56 on 26 Oct 17 at 18:57
Erik SeidelNo one has unlocked it since 2 days. Pretty sure it is unobtainable again.

Still no reason to be rude. His guide still helped A LOT of people getting the achievement.
Posted by Erik Seidel on 26 Oct 17 at 21:53
StriveHe still didn't listen to what I said when it didn't work… He thought I was being an idiot… Despite me having every Halo achievement on my account and clearly stating I am a Halo tryhard from 07' on my profile… I know Halo better than 99% of people on this website… I'm not the absolute best at campaign because there are most likely speedrunners on here and they are absolutely better than me at running through campaign but they haven't played MP anywhere near as much as me… Anyone who has played MP a lot doesn't know the campaign as well as I do… I went for a mastery of Halo…
Posted by Strive on 26 Oct 17 at 23:05
PXNKREBELTo everyone:
First of all, I only created this guide with the intention of letting people know that they finally fixed the issue. I will update it. Secondly, It's not my fault that it's not working again. Don't blame it on me. There's no reason to be disrespectful to me. Thirdly, since you people have all this energy on getting angry at me why don't you use it to contact 343 Industries & Halo about this new issue. You have social media and Halo Waypoint. Go tell them about this new issue, and stop whining like babies. Freaking call them & e-mail them. We did all that. Do your work just like we did ours. Lastly, Strive... I did listen. I never ever thought nor said you were an idiot. I believed you when you said you were a Halo vet. I also saw your account. You completed almost every 'Halo' game out there and that's awesome & admirable. I helped you privately & publicly with what I know. There's nothing else I can share.
REMINDER: You want this to get fixed, contact Halo & 343 Industries. Xbox support even.
Posted by PXNKREBEL on 26 Oct 17 at 23:57
EarthboundXFixed it for 4 whole days, nice going developers.
Posted by EarthboundX on 27 Oct 17 at 04:34
DenXDJust post here:
Posted by DenXD on 07 Nov 17 at 17:02
lepeau83Well, lesson learned, I stopped checking for awhile and when I checked back in to see if it was unlockable again I missed it by two weeks.facepalm
Posted by lepeau83 on 08 Nov 17 at 15:25
UKz Nugget BoiiSame here I hope it comes back
Posted by UKz Nugget Boii on 08 Nov 17 at 23:49
Leox from HellOne guy unlocked it. I don t know if he got it legit.. anyone can try?
Posted by Leox from Hell on 13 Nov 17 at 01:32
DenXD^ Leox from Hell

I've tried, but nope. Maybe some one else can try as well? Also don't forget to spam this topic:
Posted by DenXD on 13 Nov 17 at 16:38
Erik SeidelHe won it online so should be legit.

I don't even think the developers tried to fix this. I think it's just that the servers are VERY intermitted since December 11th 2016. Some people unlocked it around the same time in January, 2 on 5th of June. I think the servers were just a bit more stable over those past 5 days in October for whatever reason.
Posted by Erik Seidel on 13 Nov 17 at 16:50
lepeau83Yeah as soon as I saw someone unlocked it Saturday morning I jumped on straight away to test and sadly, the same result as always failed to upload. Does Xbox one backward compatibility vs Xbox 360 make a difference? Or have there been a mixture of people unlocking it on both?
Posted by lepeau83 on 13 Nov 17 at 18:13
Leox from Hell here for try to get fixed the achievement
Posted by Leox from Hell on 17 Nov 17 at 16:36
Leox from HellAnd also spam at the link posted by DenXD
Posted by Leox from Hell on 17 Nov 17 at 16:44
Reach has definitely had some challenges as the servers and services continue to age. There's still a very healthy player population though and 343 is actively working with the MSFT operations team folks to work out plans to help stabilize and modernize to provide a better, consistent experience. I don't have a timeline yet but it's actively being worked on.

Good news.
Posted by DenXD on 01 Dec 17 at 16:11
lepeau83it's fixed again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got it.
Posted by lepeau83 on 01 Dec 17 at 22:32
lepeau83it's fixed again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got it.
Posted by lepeau83 on 01 Dec 17 at 22:38
Leox from HellGuys it s fixed!! Try to get it asap!!!!
Posted by Leox from Hell on 02 Dec 17 at 15:46
varkylfusSix attempts before it finally uploaded. Good guide. Thank you.
Posted by varkylfus on 02 Dec 17 at 21:54
HolyHalfDeadI know not being able to get an achievement is frustrating, but don’t take it out on the solution writers.

Sadly no one has got this achievement since 18th Dec 2017, so this solution needs updating again.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 29 Dec 17 at 16:40
Mistabig321Still unobtainable.
Posted by Mistabig321 on 08 Feb 18 at 13:59
DAN5KI97Lol time for update #4 it's obtainable again laugh
Posted by DAN5KI97 on 15 Feb 18 at 16:19
HazedCubeUnobtainable again cry
Posted by HazedCube on 14 Mar 18 at 19:20