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Use Dawn & Dusk to make time speed forward 30 times.

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27 Oct 2017 27 Jan 2019
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You must have the Dawn & Dusk ability which you can get early in the game.
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Now you can just use Dawn & Dusk 30 times in a row to get the achievement quickly. Each time, just hold cn_back and you'll see the day turn to night, or night turn to day (if you're indoors you might only see Bayek sit down and then stand up). You can release cn_back as soon as the animation starts. Then hold it again when you get control back.
Rasilitinthank you that was easy
Posted by Rasilitin on 20 Nov 17 at 13:34
TheDude722easiest one in the game. ;)
Posted by TheDude722 on 20 Nov 17 at 16:28
AcTive PuNtChEz :)
Posted by AcTive PuNtCh on 29 Nov 20 at 20:11