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I'm Machine Enough

Beat the Panzerhund ride without killing anyone on "Bring 'em On!" difficulty or higher

I'm Machine Enough-0.2
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28 Oct 2017 12 Nov 2017
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While you're in New Orleans (about halfway through the game), you'll run into a man called Horton (make sure you have as much health and armor as possible before trying this). After a long cutscene with him, you'll be riding a Panzerhund, the giant mechanical dogs that breath fire. Make sure you're playing on "Bring 'em On!" and simply run past everything (I'd also recommend making a manual save as soon as you start).

All you have to do is ignore the enemies and keep running forward (the sprint button still works). Be sure to steer clear of enemies, because the Panzerhund can kill enemies by stepping on them if you're not careful. You have limited armor, but you can get some more by smashing into crates off to the side of your path. Your Panzerhund likely won't survive the whole trip, but when it dies, you can just get off and keep running past enemies. Eventually, you'll wind up in the sewers, so just keep running toward the objective markers and until the achievement pops.

It may be possible to play the majority of this section on the lowest difficulty and switch to Bring 'em On! at the end, but I can't confirm this (If you can, let me know and I'll edit).

EDIT: I'm being told that only kills while on the Panzerhund count. Once you get off, you're free to kill to your heart's content.
Also, if you miss this, you can play on the easiest difficulty up until you get to Horton (and grab his hand to end the level) and switch to Bring 'em On! right before starting the next level.
HeraizenYou can kill enemies, just not with the Panzerhund. I just did it on I am Terror Billy difficulty. Unlocked as I was climbing the ladder out of the sewers.
Posted by Heraizen on 29 Oct 17 at 08:10
Pra1s3Th3SunYeah I accidentally charged into and killed someone and still got it. Seems only Panzerhund kills count. Plus you'll want to get off it anyway, there are collectables all over that area!
Posted by Pra1s3Th3Sun on 29 Oct 17 at 14:01
A 2rue BooferIf you don't do this on your first playthrough, can you revisit the district and complete it and still unlock the achievement?
Posted by A 2rue Boofer on 31 Oct 17 at 18:48
DarkWingSpartan@A 2rue Boofer Nope. This can only be done in story mode. Revisiting the district just puts you on foot.
Posted by DarkWingSpartan on 31 Oct 17 at 18:55
motterthx m8, great guide (and yes, you can dismount and get kills on your own and still get the cheevo). +1
Posted by motter on 31 Oct 17 at 20:56
CR4SHEDDarn, I wish I'd made a manual save here. It didn't occur to me that there would be no chapter select.
Posted by CR4SHED on 31 Oct 17 at 23:48
YingTao 666good guide, so thx for it. i would like to add, that could die on your way to the exit in the catacombs. i died 2-3 times on my way (pressed X to continue) and after i left the catacombs the chievo popped.
Posted by YingTao 666 on 01 Nov 17 at 21:01
Jennitiger1138I got off as soon as the game loaded me in and went the whole way on foot and it popped when jumping into the sewer.
Posted by Jennitiger1138 on 02 Nov 17 at 20:23
LA HAiNE II retry more and more time in difficulty bring 'em on, whitout Panzerhund, whitout killing, I finish level, I wait. And I don't unlock this stupid achievement.
Achievement glitched...
Posted by LA HAiNE I on 08 Nov 17 at 22:12
RagnarsDiscipleI'm glad you can get off and kill on foot. That's what I am doing anyways to get the lay of the land and pick up collectibles. I was going to reload a manual save after that, but sounds like I won't need to. Thanks for the great info.
Posted by RagnarsDisciple on 10 Nov 17 at 16:26
AlumejrI can confirm you can play the campaign on the can I ply daddy difficulty, then crank it up to bring em on difficulty. I played on the easiest difficulty till the moment you give your hand to Horton at the end of the level before the panzerhund level. right before giving my hand to him and ending the level, I change the difficulty. then started the next level on bring them on.
hope this helps
Posted by Alumejr on 12 Nov 17 at 22:04
Xx bRICKed xXEasiest way to do this is just to get off the Panzerhund. Then you're free to kill to your heart's content and not void the achievement.
Posted by Xx bRICKed xX on 13 Nov 17 at 21:23
XxSilverSonicxXI got this achievement on Bring 'em On by immediately dismounting from the hound at the start and the proceeding the rest of the way through the level on foot. Not too difficult and it makes sure you don't accidentally kill someone with the hound dog. I killed tons of Nazis on foot with the achievement still popping.
Posted by XxSilverSonicxX on 14 Nov 17 at 11:31
Turg0nIs it possible to make a manual save, lower difficulty, grav achievement and afterwards load the save game? Dont want to lose the difficulty achievements..
Posted by Turg0n on 20 Nov 17 at 17:12
DarkWingSpartan@Turg0n It might be possible, but I wouldn't recommend it, given how many achievements can become unobtainable on a save file.
Posted by DarkWingSpartan on 20 Nov 17 at 17:15
Turg0n@DarkWingSpartan Thx 4 the tip!
Posted by Turg0n on 20 Nov 17 at 17:42
l ROMANO lDidn't work. As soon as I loaded I got off the dog and finished the level. Never unlocked...
Posted by l ROMANO l on 29 Dec 17 at 01:02
CaptainKillThis doesn't work on SAS...I got a score of zero and I didn't get the achievement. I rode the hound all the way to the sewer, and no one died.

I'll try during the ubercommander district thing.
Posted by CaptainKill on 19 Jul 18 at 06:39
Warboy925I can confirm that switching to Bring it On before grabbing Horton's hand will still give you the cheevo! I just rode the hound slowly till it got destroyed near the factory, went through the hellish sewers and bam, cheevo popped!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 15 Sep 18 at 17:19
TheAnonymityYou must change difficulty to Bring Em On or harder BEFORE you grab his hand. I switched at the start of the Panzer sequence and was unable to pop this. Tried several different times. Even checked the console command for confirmation. All the achievements show unlocked status on command screen (PC) and it doesn't work this way. So just make sure you don't make the same mistake I did. facepalm

Now I get to replay the last ~2ish hours to get up to this point cuz that's where my last save was.
Posted by TheAnonymity on 24 Jun 19 at 07:16
TomNelson1805I did this on my 1st play through unintentionally on i am death incarnate difficulty. Initially used the panzerhund killed a few then realised it made the level more difficult so i reloaded to start of the level and played through on foot. Achievement unlocked with multiple kills and deaths so nothing seems to void it.

Not sure how this has a 5 ratio if its this simple and you can do it on a much easier difficulty?
Posted by TomNelson1805 on 20 Jul 19 at 01:45
TheAnonymityIt's because most people don't play on the hardest difficulty and/or just use the Panzer to kill everything. That does void the achievement.
Posted by TheAnonymity on 23 Jul 19 at 00:15
etop1Can you not do this in the combat sims?
Posted by etop1 on 10 Aug 19 at 04:29
Wookiee HairemApparently not. Unbelievably dumb that there is no chapter select especially when New Order and Old Blood both had them. Stupid design decision.
Posted by Wookiee Hairem on 28 Apr 20 at 20:40
SamtaroCan I switch to that difficulty when I get closer to that part of the game?
Posted by Samtaro on 07 May 20 at 05:25