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I'm a Legend

Be equipped with only Legendary equipment.

I'm a Legend0
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29 Oct 2017
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I had Legendary (Yellow) gear in the following slots when it popped:

-Both Ranged slots (You unlock the 2nd slot by getting the Bow Bearer Ability on the Hunter side of the Abilities Tree)
-Both Melee Slots (You unlock the 2nd slot by getting the Weapon Bearer Ability up on the Warrior part of the Abilities Tree)

I can confirm that gear that you get from addons/Ubisoft Club do count as almost all of what I had equipped were from those
HixooonnnI've got all the requirements as said above however it doesn't unlock. Do i need to upgrade stuff to legendary to get the achievement to pop?
Posted by Hixooonnn on 30 Oct 17 at 11:45
AradorYou're upgrades down the bottom don't need to be upgraded to legendary as mine are not
Posted by Arador on 30 Oct 17 at 14:37
Doktor ZeitMine also unlocked without having legendary crafting gear, only needed what the guide says.
Posted by Doktor Zeit on 30 Oct 17 at 18:19
Goodspell712where can i get an Legend Mount ?? besides Ubi Store :) ?
Posted by Goodspell712 on 31 Oct 17 at 00:39
Doktor ZeitYou can win two by completing the hippodrome tournaments, one for the standard tournaments and another for the elite.
Posted by Doktor Zeit on 31 Oct 17 at 02:18
Snitty 1If you buy the Backstore ability then Legendary mounts are available from the stables for 5000 coins.
Posted by Snitty 1 on 01 Nov 17 at 06:53
Calex dEUSYou get a legendary bow for the side quest Smoke over Water, which is available in Sais after beginning the quest for the Scarab.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 03 Nov 17 at 10:11
JordoWhere can you find a legendary shield? I'm level 34 but somehow still haven't gotten one
Posted by Jordo on 05 Nov 17 at 02:44
Slimey Cat LogsWhen you beat the game you can get a legendary shield from the
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Posted by Slimey Cat Logs on 05 Nov 17 at 17:47
TheIcemanCometh@Jordo - I don't know how random this is, but I just got a legendary shield from one of the enemies while I was doing the Okteres Blockade in Faiyum.
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 08 Nov 17 at 15:38
iTz Canada EhhDon't forget you can also talk to Reda (blue camel icon on map) if you run across him and purchase chests from him for 3000 coins. As I'm in the process of completing all locations now, I just loot everything I can. When I find him I just sell all my weapons, trinkets, and animals to him and purchase the chests. It's a random rare or legendary but I've gotten about 6 legendary items from him so far. Sadly no shield though...
Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 30 Dec 17 at 07:07
JdobemThere's a level 23 quest called A Gift From The Gods, based on crossover event with FF that offers Legendary Shield, Mount (choco-camel) and Sword.

Look on the world map for a green icon, in Saqqara Nome area.
Posted by Jdobem on 26 Jan 18 at 13:10
UNDEADZ3LD4I found going to nomads bazaar is good for getting that last slot you need
Posted by UNDEADZ3LD4 on 10 Feb 18 at 23:19
neeker75Strangely I've gotten legendary outfit (free from the Ubisoft club), shield (from a Normad store), and two bows (random drops from enemies - I've five of them now to be honest). Unfortunately no legendary melee weapons yet. I just started the Cleopatra quest line. Hopefully they'll start dropping.

PS: Tempted to buy the Unicorn from the store with real cash...
Posted by neeker75 on 03 Apr 18 at 02:58
AradorI've been getting heaps of legendary weapons from the DLCs
Posted by Arador on 03 Apr 18 at 03:18
neeker75Just killed a Phylake today, and got a Legendary melee weapon from it. I read from another solution that the rewards for these kills are fixed. So it seems I should concentrate on killing just another one (the one in Alexandria also gives a melee weapon), and I'd have this unlocked. I already have the shield, the bows, and outfit and the mount (paid 5,000 to buy one from shop because God, no, I'm not playing Hippodrome again).
Posted by neeker75 on 04 Apr 18 at 04:33
KATAKL1ZMAs of 19/12/18 A Gift of the Gods is no longer available
Posted by KATAKL1ZM on 11 Jan 19 at 14:34
SergeGTSThe "Gift From The God's" side quest gives you a legendary mount, shield, and melee.

I just completed that one yesterday May 28th 2019
Posted by SergeGTS on 28 May 19 at 15:30
PuckJunkieI also have access to the "Gift from the Gods" side quest, as of May 29th 2019. You can find the starting point in Saqqara Nome at a green diamond marker, slightly northwest of the eagle tower nearest Atef-Pehu Nome.
Posted by PuckJunkie on 29 May 19 at 21:36
romisthebestStupid question but what's the button to change the secondary weapon? I can only change the main weapon with A...
Posted by romisthebest on 30 Jul 19 at 15:02
AradorSame button but you need to unlock the ability to have 2 weapons it's written in the solution
Posted by Arador on 30 Jul 19 at 23:51