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Dressed to Impress

Buy a costume from the shop and wear it

Dressed to Impress+0.1
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31 Oct 2017 05 Apr 2018
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For this you need to buy a costume at one of the stores (it autoequips).
The cheapest for Female character are 10.000coins (Jasmine & Tinkerbell's friends costumes) i would think Male will be same but cant confirm.
You can see stores on the park map (cn_start) then Park map and select the area you are currently in and go to nearest one to you.
Note: Didnt unlock for me till i returned to the park.

EDIT: KACG SoMM pointed out in commented cheapest Male costume is also 10k coins
KACG SoMMCan confirm the cheapest male costume is also 10.000 coins!
Posted by KACG SoMM on 05 Apr 18 at 13:39