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Fill a particular Lumber Mill by using B-130 truck only

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02 Nov 2017
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This one can actually be cheesed pretty easily.
Select the Island map.
Clear the map with watch points.
On this map there should be a D-535 to be found.
When you have this vehicle take it back to the garage.
Set up the B-130 with a small lumber load attachment.
Using the D-535, winch the B-130 to Log Station to the South East.
At this point:
Load the B-130 lumber.
Winch the B-130 to the D-535 via the D-535.
Follow the trail along the shoreline to the Lumber Mill to the South West.
Switch to the B-130 and unload.
Return to the Log Station and repeat 3 more times.
erod550I tried adding a trailer so you'd only have to make 2 trips but it's super picky on the leveling of the trailer and I couldn't get it to load logs, so 4 trips it is I guess.
Posted by erod550 on 06 Nov 17 at 06:48
HuwsYou can do it with 2 runs with a slight variation.
When choosing the map pick the B-130, C-255 and C-375.
Start with C-255 and configure for Log Crane Carriage.
Add Log Carriage to B-130 and tow B-130 with the C-255 to SE log station.
Fill both with small logs and take to SW Mill towing B-130 again.
When you are near stop towing and drop off logs in B-130.
Come back to where you left the C-255 and drop load and Crane logs to B-130 and deliver.
Next switch to the C-375 back in the garage and configure for log carriage and short log trailer. Drive to SE log station fill up (stay to right in log station where its most level) and the drive to SW Mill.
Drop load when you get to your B-130 and C-255 with crane.
Crane loads to B-130 and drop off.
Shortest amount of driving if you are handy with crane controls.
Posted by Huws on 07 Dec 17 at 13:57
jacky roosterIf you have the K700 unlocked..... Choose the K700 and B130 trucks when starting the Island. Attach the short log tray and trailer to the B130 (5 points). Winch the B130 to the K700 and tow the B130 everywhere (in drive mode). Use the log station to the top of the map and the mill closest below it. 2 trips and you are done. Took me 20 mins. Don't forget to winch again when you change between trucks...its easy to take off in the K700 and leave the B130 behind lol.
Posted by jacky rooster on 06 Feb 18 at 06:04
SkridgerQuestion: I've loaded the map over and over again and keep getting a "B-131" and not the "B-130". Is this the correct truck?
Posted by Skridger on 12 Apr 18 at 16:41
jacky roosterYou will need to choose the B130 from the list of trucks. If it is not there you will have to play other maps and find it or complete more missions to unlock it.
Posted by jacky rooster on 12 Apr 18 at 20:04
TonySkiYep! I got this with the truck with the crane. Farming Sim has trained me well to grab logs and put them in a trailer.
Posted by TonySki on 09 May 18 at 02:21
BriMill***This unlocks “Size Doesn’t Matter” achievement as well if using only small logs*** Use a 3 star truck or above (I used an E-7310, but any 3 star or more large truck should work fine) to tow the B-130 as stated, install Log Carriage and Short Log Carriage on B-130. (I did not have any issues loading the trailer as previous comments stated). 2 trips and you’re done, just be careful as always and don’t tip your logs!
Posted by BriMill on 21 Dec 19 at 01:38