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Drive with the parking brake engaged for 200 meters in total

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03 Nov 2017 05 Nov 2017
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In order to obtain this achievement relatively quick and easy, simply load up the map 'The Island' either in single player or multiplayer with a friend and head towards the locked vehicle marked on the map as 'K-700' (It will be a yellow loader type vehicle). I have attached an image displaying the approximate vehicle location for reference, however please note vehicle spawns may vary but the location provided is usually where it can be found.

External image

Once you reach the vehicle, switch to it and make sure the park break is applied cn_B and drive up and down the long straight road towards the blockade and back with it applied and you will have your achievement within a few minutes. If your achievement doesn't pop fairly quickly then I would suggest quitting out to the main menu and reload the level again as this helps update the progress made.