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Burn 100 litres of fuel without releasing accelerator

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05 Nov 2017
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An easy place to get this is the Cross a River challenge. Turn on All Wheel Drive and head straight out from the start. You can easily get yourself stuck just ahead in the first little bit of water and just keep the trigger held down for 5 minutes or so until 100L of fuel has burned off. If you’re not able to get yourself stuck in this spot, just drive around in circles with the trigger held down until you use up 100L. This vehicle is a gas hog so it shouldn’t take long. Don’t let up on RT until the achievement pops.

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cB BaRriiCAdEyou also can run into a tree and turn on diff lock to burn more
Posted by cB BaRriiCAdE on 25 Mar 20 at 18:34
WhoIsJohn117Didn't even move. Turned on Diff Lock and All Wheel. Didn't turn off the Parking Brake and rubberbanded the accelerator. Did 30L/min. Popped in just over three minutes.
Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 21 May 20 at 18:11