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General of the Army

Enter Prestige 1.

General of the Army0
2 guidesOnline Game Mode - These achievements require a connection to live services, such as Xbox Live, for playing an online game mode, for sharing content, accessing leaderboards, or validating data with a server.Versus - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a face off gamemode who have met the achievement requirements.Level - These achievements must be obtained by levelling up in-game components.Time Consuming - These achievements require at least 20 hours of play time to obtain.
06 Nov 2017 06 Nov 2017
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In general, it;s just a simple grind. However, there are a few tricks and tips to speed this up.

EDIT - You need to hit level 55 and max it out. After that, you'll be prompted to go to the General in the HQ area and prestige. You can find the entrance to the area with the General in just near the Division Prestige section

1) Play War Mode.

You'll find you get significantly more kills during playing this mode, and easy points from building or demolishing locations in the game. Matches can take anywhere from 4 minutes to 8 minutes realistically, and during this time it's pretty easy to get a significant amount of points. Just remember to build anything you see, or demolish anything that's already been built. Get to know the maps, and what scores you points. Being near the tank in Operation Griffin when it crosses the line in the first phase, for example, will net you a sweet 500 points.

2) Complete challenges.

Weapon challenges are pretty easy to snag, so make sure you're keeping an eye on them swapping out your load regularly to keep them coming. You might be an absolute beast with the Enfield rifle, but if you've already completed the challenges you're doing yourself out of some nice bonus points. Plus, if you're playing War Mode, it's easier to get those kills and level up the weapons you might not be that great with.

3) Contracts, orders etc.

Keep an eye on these, and always pick up the contracts that award bonus Exp. Normally, they are pretty simple ( 100 kills in 40 mins etc. ). War Mode makes these super simple.
NaggingGnatLevel 55. Updated the solution smile
Posted by NaggingGnat on 06 Nov 17 at 09:27
KriSpy CharMZ@Xander RO You only needed to say "What level do you need to be." Their was no reason for you to even add level 15,148. Remember people can miss the simplest of things in their solutions. I know since I write solutions myself occasionally. Gonna take a guess here, you haven't even once written a solution when you knew what to do. Be respectful the guy toke time out of his day to write a solution of what he found to be the fastest way.
Posted by KriSpy CharMZ on 06 Nov 17 at 14:07
PuRe PretzelI don't know what's up with the negative votes.
Posted by PuRe Pretzel on 06 Nov 17 at 19:30
DaChiefOfOwnagePeople want sh*t handed to them on a silver platter that's why.
Posted by DaChiefOfOwnage on 07 Nov 17 at 10:58
Xander RO@Xander RO You only needed to say "What level do you need to be." Their was no reason for you to even add level 15,148. Remember people can miss the simplest of things in their solutions. I know since I write solutions myself occasionally. Gonna take a guess here, you haven't even once written a solution when you knew what to do. Be respectful the guy toke time out of his day to write a solution of what he found to be the fastest way.
Posted by KriSpy CharMZ yesterday at 15:07
Posted by Xander RO on 07 Nov 17 at 15:42
Xander ROAre you happy now Krispy?
Posted by Xander RO on 07 Nov 17 at 15:43
Pig BimpingAchievement never popped when I prestiged. Not sure what I should try to get it to unlock, I've already gone up a few levels too
Posted by Pig Bimping on 07 Nov 17 at 18:50
FireRaiser1985Stupid question maybe but how do I activate boost cards? redface
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 09 Nov 17 at 15:29
NaggingGnatHi FireRaiser, the boosts activate automatically :)
Posted by NaggingGnat on 10 Nov 17 at 09:40
KriSpy CharMZWow you are childish @Xander RO.
Posted by KriSpy CharMZ on 10 Nov 17 at 11:56
Fiction0713Roughly how long does this take? As in game play hours, because seriously, FUCK this multiplayer. By far the worst yet, and that's saying a lot considering the last 4 games....
Posted by Fiction0713 on 11 Nov 17 at 02:40
DaChiefOfOwnageAnywhere between 16-24 hrs depending on skill and game mode
Posted by DaChiefOfOwnage on 11 Nov 17 at 03:27
UplandParasite8There is 2x xp this weekend. So play it now to save some time. :)
Posted by UplandParasite8 on 11 Nov 17 at 09:05
FireRaiser1985Best COD MP since Black Ops. rock
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 11 Nov 17 at 09:26
Sera Di SiahNothing beats Blops 1 and Blops 2 MP for me, but at least it's better than Blops 3, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, Walljump Warfare, Jetpack Warfare and all that crap. Though Core is as bullshit as ever when you get 3 AR hitmarkers or 4 SMG hitmarkers. Happily staying on Hardcore TDM / SnD. Some maps like USS Texas and Aachen makes you wonder if the devs even played their own game, and some of these spawns... and these terrible (NOT DEDICATED SERVERS) p2p connections... I'll take back what I said. Screw this game.
Posted by Sera Di Siah on 11 Nov 17 at 19:05
chuckles MG33Didn't unlock right away. Unlocked when I pushed start and went to go into another match...
Posted by chuckles MG33 on 12 Nov 17 at 15:13
Fiction0713Yes, screw this game indeed. It's basically every other cod with a ww2 skin. So many times I round a corner, put fifteen bullets in a guy and he one shots me, yet in the killcam I fired off no bullets. Great job letting us down again.
Posted by Fiction0713 on 12 Nov 17 at 23:16
Sera Di SiahYeah the servers (*cough* p2p connections, seriously WHY are there no dedicated servers for an AAA game like this...) are really bad. Constantly being kicked out games, not getting progress to wins as when the game ends it says 'lost connection to host', more error codes than Destiny, shooting at least 2 or 3 bullets around a corner and then the killcam shows you just standing there... such a broken mess. Had such high hopes for a good old MP again. Screw Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward. The only little hope I have left for a good CoD MP experience is if TreyArch goes back to its roots.
Posted by Sera Di Siah on 12 Nov 17 at 23:33
Star1ord89Lol sorry guys the grind is about to get a lot worse thankfully I'm on my last ten levels:
Posted by Star1ord89 on 13 Nov 17 at 13:49
prestiged, played a few games after and this has still not unlocked for me.
Posted on 13 Nov 17 at 20:52
Fiction0713Step 1 in this guide should be "take 6 shots of wild turkey", then so on.
Posted by Fiction0713 on 16 Nov 17 at 04:28
Pig BimpingThis unlocked for me more than a week after prestiging. Possibly a rare bug from the lousy servers
Posted by Pig Bimping on 17 Nov 17 at 05:48
Whats a ChundyGood guide but War games are an awful lot longer than 8 minutes if all the objectives are met.
Posted by Whats a Chundy on 20 Nov 17 at 04:43
RENEGADE1934i just got this done and all i can say is the game is beautifull but the matchmaking is awefull, every lobby you go into you are put up against a team of players that are prestiged and all these players seem to do is sponge bullets and camp with sniper rifles especially in war mode!!!!.
Posted by RENEGADE1934 on 23 Nov 17 at 17:22
Fiction0713Finally finished this. I can't say it was enjoyable. Took me a total of 20 hours, 51 minutes. And that's with a jaw droppingly good k/d of 0.96. I went for a lot of the challenges to speed up things, leveled up every division which gives you 5000 co each time. The amount of time it takes really depends on whether you get stuck in what I call 0 and 30 lobbies or 30 and 0 lobbies. If you manage to get in the latter stay in it for as long as you can. Painful, extremely painful. Seriously, fuck call of duty. This was my first cod purchase since bo3, and in finishing this statement I will say this, NEVER AGAIN will I buy another cod.
Posted by Fiction0713 on 25 Nov 17 at 23:34
First cod purchase since blops3 lol so you just skipped one game.. Not a big deal like you're making it out to be...
Posted on 27 Nov 17 at 00:43
TheSWFCI’m actually really enjoying playing towards this. Best COD for quite a few games.
Posted by TheSWFC on 30 Nov 17 at 19:38
ImaginaryRuinsIf they hadn’t had this achievement I wouldnt even have played multiplayer esp that of a first person shooter. Yeah many would tell me to get good but to hell with that. Nearly every War game is plagued by players using sniper rifles and they are like they don’t have to aim at all but can hit me from super-long distance. This is no fun at all
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 04 Dec 17 at 00:25
Guile132ImaginaryRuins, im with you on this one. I seriously don't feel like playing the multiplayer. There really shouldn't even be a solution for this achievement since you just do the same thing like any other Call of Duty. Dont worry NaggingGnat, I didn't thumbs down your solution.
Posted by Guile132 on 04 Dec 17 at 14:33
ZH SicIs this not unlockable by entering prestige 1 on zombie mode?
Posted by ZH Sic on 08 Jan 18 at 00:33
AgentOfAbyssI'm so sick of multiplayer. Does anyone know how to get notified of 2XP if you don't play every day?
Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 17 Apr 18 at 13:24
chuckles37v3Does anyone know if this works on zombies?
Posted by chuckles37v3 on 22 Apr 18 at 10:44
iainator100% does not work with zombies. I've just prestiged there.
Posted by iainator on 31 Jul 18 at 12:19
SeitzzCarentan is double xp for now and has been for a little. Although all people do is sit in corners or camp in some obscure building in the back of the map half the time roll
Posted by Seitzz on 08 Dec 18 at 02:22
AsiK HaYaLeTShipment is much much better and faster than anything. Just have a hand to play :)
Posted by AsiK HaYaLeT on 06 May at 12:08
CosmicMegaphoneGlitched for me
Posted by CosmicMegaphone on 14 May at 13:52