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Bring a tamed lion to a crocodile.

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07 Nov 2017 17 Dec 2017
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On the docks in Apollonia in Krenaika (Recommended level 34-38), the northwestern most part of the map, there are a bunch of animals in cages including a lion and crocodile. After clearing out a couple guards, you can tame a lion and then open the cage with the crocodile and they will start fighting getting you the achievement. The guards in this specific area are level 37-38 and the animals 34-38. This guide is for later game play as the enemies are higher level, but is the only spot I know of that will guarantee both animals being together.
Note: You must be the same level or higher to tame animals.

A visual aid for the location:
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If you divide the dock into two sections, the crocodile will always be found in the largest cage in the southwestern section with a lion usually in the cage directly next to it to the right. The animals in the smaller cages may not always be full or have the same animals, but there will always be multiple caged lions nearby.
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DjDATZMuch better recommendation than the first one listed.
Posted by DjDATZ on 16 Nov 17 at 19:14
EL CLELLGreat spot! I'll make sure to come here once I get to that levelwink
Posted by EL CLELL on 18 Dec 17 at 02:32
Drevin KnightHands down best solution
Posted by Drevin Knight on 06 Feb 18 at 03:22
CODYWWE24I just want to say that this is the best way to get this. I tried the other way, no Crocs around only Hippos. This is real easy if you do it this way.
Posted by CODYWWE24 on 24 Jul 18 at 20:21
ScruffusThank you for this. Props to the other solutions, but this one is by far the best way in the entire game to get this achievement as they are literally in a cage right next to each other. Thumbs-up from me!
Posted by Scruffus on 15 Jul 19 at 21:28