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Successfully WooHoo in a Rocketship.

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11 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2017
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Things needed:
Two sims who have a romantic relationship high enough to WooHoo

Buy a Rocketship from the buy mode for 5000 simoleons and start building it. It will take several sim hours but you can have multiple sims working on it. Once built, have both of the sims on the plot and have one click on the ship. Select the WooHoo option and watch the sims get in and blast off. The achievement should pop a few seconds after they land and get out.

If for whatever reason it doesn't pop, just keep trying and check the sims moodlet. If their embarrassed, then it is possible that it wasn't a successful woohoo. Also the option "try for baby" does not seem to work for this achievement.

Edit: Fixed a typo. The Cheapest Rocket in the game cost 5000 simoleons not 1000. Thanks to the people who let me know of the mistake.
Brave CypherThere is no Rocketship for 1000 Simoleons, there is a Rocketship for 5k though.
Buy a Rocket called the "Steampunk Flyamajig" cheapest one out there.

it will take a couple of days to build. the building of the Rocket cost 1k Simoleons.
Posted by Brave Cypher on 24 Nov 17 at 08:18
PackageDonkeyPlease describe where to find a 1000S rocket ship.
Posted by PackageDonkey on 25 Nov 17 at 02:44
UtahRuggerWorked perfectly for me. Thanks.
Posted by UtahRugger on 26 Nov 17 at 15:34
ThanagarIf you actually choose to place the rocketship in a public spot you do only end up paying one thousand S to build it. Just tested this and got the achievement. Had my sim and his wife and a visiting neighbor go build the ship and picked woo hoo after it was finished and the achievement popped even though the rocket was in a park next to our house.
Posted by Thanagar on 02 Jan 18 at 04:22
l Bear Cub lJust tried doing this, my sim has the appropriate moodlet which makes me think it worked, but I've tried it multiple times and each time it says its my partners first time woohooing. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?
Posted by l Bear Cub l on 07 Jan 18 at 05:18
LymissNinayers, sounds like it could be glitched. Make sure the achievement hasn't popped without it showing on the screen, for some reason this has been an issue the past couple of days. If not, try with another pair of sims but maybe have them woohoo in a bed first so it's not the first woohoo when they use the ship.
Posted by Lymiss on 07 Jan 18 at 22:22
l Bear Cub lThank you Lymiss, I also got to the max level of the culinary profession and my achievement didn't pop so I feel like my playthrough may be glitched. (I don't use cheats so it cant be that). One before glitched but I got the notification on my phone without it popping on the xbox, I've checked and it hasn't counted that I've got it on the xbox, the xbox app on my phone or the xbox app on my laptop so I may try doing it on another playthrough and see if its the game or just my save.
Posted by l Bear Cub l on 08 Jan 18 at 02:13
XF34Rx KiNGzzYou forgot to add that you must be level 10 in the astronaut Career to do this achievement
Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 11 Aug 19 at 14:00
LymissXF34Rx KiNGzz, unless they have change the requirements of the achievement and how the mechanic in the game works, you don't need to be in the Astronaut career at all. Just have enough in the Rocket skill to build it up and have a romantic relationship high enough to woohoo.
Posted by Lymiss on 11 Aug 19 at 14:39